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Measles Outbreak – A Pandemic Pretest B usiness C ontinuity P lanning BDUG.

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1 Measles Outbreak – A Pandemic Pretest B usiness C ontinuity P lanning BDUG

2 Agenda  The Event  Measles Overview  Outbreak Time Line  Action Steps  Lessons Learned 2 BDUG

3 The Event  An outbreak of measles within Investors Bank & Trust resulted in the Bank activating it’s Incident Management Program for it’s Boston locations. BDUG

4 Measles Overview  Measles is an acute viral infectious disease  Symptoms include fever, headaches, coughs, and finally a rash that frequently begins on the head and face and progresses outward and downward toward hands and feet.  Incubation period (exposure to first symptoms) is roughly 10-12 days with exposure to rash onset averaging 14 days.  Those born in the U.S. prior to 1957 are generally considered immune since virtually everyone of that age contracted measles. Though common in the U.S. through 1960, it has been largely eradicated here since the introduction of a “live” virus vaccine in 1963.  In developing countries over 30 million people contracted it in 2001, with 745,000 deaths. Complications occur in 30% of cases, including pneumonia and encephalitis.  Though a single live virus inoculation will provide full immunity to the vast majority, two inoculations given more than 30 days apart are recommended for full immunization. BDUG

5 Outbreak Timeline  First Case: First week in May  Second Case: Second week in May  Third Case: Third week in May  Fourth to Eighth Case: Fourth week in May  Four Cases Outside the Firm: First two weeks in June BDUG

6 Actions Taken  Contacted Health Authorities  Implemented a quarantine process 18 th Floor3 rd week in May 17 th Floor3 rd week in May 4 th Floor4 th week in May  Conducted daily conference calls with management team  Obtain documentation to verify immunization.  Created reporting on employee documentation by department  Established clinics to provide vaccines for employees.  Purchased additional equipment to support our staff working from home  Key fobs for VPN access  Laptops for remote access  Meetings held via conference calls versus in a conference room BDUG

7 Lessons Learned  Quicker attention to initial outbreaks  Corporate wide Communicable Disease Policy  Better Attendance Tracking  Crisis Management / Communication  Social Distancing  Avoid Support Bottlenecks  Further roll out of Work from Home Contingency Program  Contingency planning enhancements for a Pandemic Flu Outbreak BDUG

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