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ACON HYBRID STREET LIGHT SUVEG ELECTRONICS An ISO 9001:2008 Company Life Long Brilliance ACON Since 1985 80% Energy Saving.

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1 ACON HYBRID STREET LIGHT SUVEG ELECTRONICS An ISO 9001:2008 Company Life Long Brilliance ACON Since 1985 80% Energy Saving

2 ABOUT US …  Suveg Electronics, part of Bakeri Group is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established in 1985 by Kartik Bakeri with the brand name ‘ACON’  We have been in the field of energy efficient lighting & electronics with a constant innovative approach  Committed to achieve leadership in the market by complying with the products & quality  At Suveg, Design, Quality & Service are always the foremost along with constant Innovations & Improvements  Energy Efficiency, Saving & Durability has been the core mantra at Suveg ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

3 IS HID ( HPSV, HPMV OR MH ) THE ONLY SOURCE FOR STREET LIGHTING ?  As a thumb rule, standard pole height is 7 to 9 mts. & pole span is 30 mts. (100 feet)  So to get 3 to 4 lux at the centre between 2 consecutive poles, we have to use 150W HPSV (sodium vapour) & light intensity below the pole will be 15 to 30 lux  Including choke loss, it will consume 180 Watts  Other disadvantages are poor CRI, high cable cost, high maintenance cost, low Power Factor, etc ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

4 CURRENT LIGHTING INDUSTRY – STREET LIGHTS  Recent trend in Street lighting is Energy Saving by either T5 or LED  However, both if used individually, pose certain limitations  Suveg Electronics has innovated a design that eliminates all the disadvantages of T5 & LED, if used individually  Let us first understand the limitations of both ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

5 DISADVANTAGES OF T 5 STREET LIGHT  T5 is a good lighting solution for getting good downward lux below the light pole  However, it does not provide solution to the dark spots at the centre between two consecutive poles ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS


7 A ‘L OW C OST ’ INNOVATIVE SOLUTION ACON ‘ HYBRID ’ STREET LIGHT Presenting The World’s First Hybrid Street Light Technology…

8 I NTRODUCING WORLD ’ S FIRST HYBRID STREET LIGHT  Presenting the World’s first range of Hybrid Street Lights – LED + T5 – A Low Cost Innovative Solution!  Sleek & Stylish, these models come with incredible energy efficiency and at the same time a powerful light throw all along the road  Revved with many power-packed features, ACON Hybrid Models are the right choice for ECO-friendly lighting ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

9 A CON HYBRID STREET LIGHT LEDs in combination with lenses shall eliminate the dark spot at the center between adjacent light poles ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

10 A CON HYBRID STREET LIGHT  Simple looking product to a great height of technology  The ACON Hybrid Street Light is set to revolutionize the lighting industry by eliminating all the disadvantages of T5 & LED  Comprises of both LED & T5 which are complimentary to each other  Substitute for 70/125/150/250/400W HPSV, Mercury, Metal Halide  Energy Saving: 60-80% (Depending on the Model)  Not only this, it shall give a bright, uniform light output  ALL THIS AT A LOW COST! ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

11 T ECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ParameterACON HYBRID STREET LIGHT ACON 25 W Hybrid15 W T5 + 10 W LED = 25W ACON 40 W Hybrid30 W T5 + 10 W LED = 40W ACON 50 W Hybrid30 W T5 + 20 W LED = 50W ACON 60 W Hybrid30 W T5 + 30 W LED = 60W ACON 90 W Hybrid60 W T5 + 30W LED = 90W LEDs UsedAmerican Power LEDs ReflectorAluminum anodized reflector for T5 (Special Design) LensesSpecially matched Composite or individual lens for each LED Input Voltage165 – 265 VAC, 50Hz THD (Harmonics)< 15% Power Factor> 0.95 Uniformity factor> 0.5 Downward LuxUp to 30 (Depending on the Model) LIFEMORE THAN 5 YEARS GUARANTEE2 YEARS (INCLUDING LAMPS)

12 FEATURES OF ACON HYBRID MODELS  T5 + Reflector used in the Hybrid Model shall give enough downward light output below the pole where as..  LEDs in combination with lenses shall eliminate the dark spot at the centre between the two consecutive light poles thereby delivering an uniform light pattern High Energy Saving 65-80% Highly Energy Efficient Bright,Uniform & Pleasant Light Output Powerful Light Throw Low Product Cost Low Capital Investment Faster Payback Economic Lighting Solution Life > 5 Years Long Life, Better Productivity 2 Years Guarantee Zero Maintenance

13 S TATEMENT SHOWING ENERGY COST AT THE END OF 2 YEARS – ACON 40/60 W HYBRID V / S 150 W HPSV Parameter150W HPSV40W ACON HYBRID 60W ACON HYBRID Voltage range200 – 240VAC165 – 265VAC Consumption180W40W60W Energy Saving0W140W120W Eye Pupil RatioPoorGood Lumen Maintenance50%90% Power Factor0.60> 0.95 Life6 months> 5 years GuaranteeNil2 Years Energy Consumption of 150W HPSV in 2 years Energy Consumption of 40W HYBRID in 2 years Energy Consumption of 60W HYBRID in 2 years 180W x 12 Hours x 30 Days x 24 Months / 1000 40W x 12 Hours x 30 Days x 24 Months / 1000 60w x 12 hours x 30 days x 24 months / 1000 =1555 units x Rs. 5.50 / unit= 346 units x Rs. 5.50 /unit= 518 units x Rs. 5.50 / unit = 8,550/-= 1,903 = 2,850/- Total Energy Cost Saving by ACON HYBRID PST = 8,550 – 1,903=. 8,550 – 2,850 6,647/- 5,700/- + Additional Saving due to reduction in cabling cost & Low Capacity Generation + Additional Saving due to ZERO Maintenance (Lamp, Igniter, Starter & Labour)

14 O THER P RODUCTS MODEL / WATTSSaving 3/6/9/12/18 w LED Downlighters80% INDOOR 14/28w T5 2ft/4ft Stand Alone50% 14/28w T5 2ft/4ft Retrofit (With Reflector)60% 1,2,4 x 14/28w T5 Mirror Optic50% 1x28 / 2x28w T5 4 ft Box Type50% 14/24/28/54w T5 Ballast50% 36/45/55/65w T8 Ballast35% IP 65 Fittings & Clean Room Fittings50% MODEL / WATTS RadianceLumino Saving OUTDOOR 1x28w T5 4 ft Retrofit (with Reflector) 50% T5 4 ft 1x28w√√ T5 2 ft 1x14w/1x24w√√ T5 2 ft 2x14w/2x24w√√ T5 2 ft 4x14w/4x24w√√ T5 2 ft 5x14w/5x24w√

15 2x14W/24W Radiance 4x14W/24W Lumino Series4x14W/5x24W 2x14W/24W Lumino Series ACON LED High-Bay Fixture A Range of ACON Indoor & Outdoor LED & T5 Energy Saving Fixtures ACON 4x14 T5 Mirror Optic

16 S OME OF OUR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS  Reliance  Essar Power  L&T  Mombasa Cement Company, Kenya  IIM-A  Torrent Cable  Birla Copper  O.N.G.C.  Times Of India  GEDA  GNVFC  Nirma  Minister Bungalows, Gujarat  GEB  GSECL  Indian Railways  Kolkota Corporation  Gujarat High Court  R&B – Govt. Of Gujarat  International Airport, Ahmedabad  Nuclear Power Corporation of India  Ammunition Factory  Ingersol Rand ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

17 S UVEG E LECTRONICS AT A GLANCE  Vast Product Range aesthetically designed  Many of the products patented  Unique concepts and specifications  Tests carried out at ERDA & EQDC as per IS 13021 Part 1 & 2, IS 6842 for Electronic Ballasts and IS 10322 for Outdoor Luminaries  Product Testing done at 3 stages for ensuring quality  Suveg Electronics is the only company to offer guarantee on lamps as well and assuring highest uniformity along with maximum energy saving Offering energy efficient lighting solutions worldwide! ACON by SUVEG ELECTRONICS

18 THANK YOU! SUVEG ELECTRONICS Sorab Villa, Nr. Popular House, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380009. India (O) +91-79-26583994 Fax: +91-79-40001399 Email: URL :

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