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 relationship-boiling-point-and-metallic- properties.html

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2  http://education- relationship-boiling-point-and-metallic- properties.html http://education- relationship-boiling-point-and-metallic- properties.html

3  Metallic character increases downward and increases from right to left across the period.

4  Electrical conductivity increases downward and to the left

5  density generally increases as atomic number increases. 

6  Atomic radius increases from right to left within a period  Atomic radius increases downward within families

7  Energy required to remove an electron.

8  Define ionization energy and how it trends from the following video:  http://education- energy-trends-among-groups-and-periods- of-the-periodic-table.html http://education- energy-trends-among-groups-and-periods- of-the-periodic-table.html

9  Loss of electrons from an atom  Examples…  Li to Li +1, F to F -1

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