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Arming and Re-arming Etienne CARLIER AB/BT/EC

2 Outline Readiness LBDS Kicker Arming… Re-arming General Sequencing TSU

3 LBDS Readiness State Transition Ready State

4 LBDS Check

5 Dump Action

6 Kicker System Readiness

7 Kicker State

8 State Control & Surveillance Hierarchy
Generator control level Stage detailed interlock Extraction Kicker Summary LBDS Kicker Summary

9 LBDS Arming General Re-arm/check individually each subsystems. TSU re-arming will ne possible only once all subsystems are READY Re-arm BETS: will be READY if real-time tracking is in RECORDING Re-arm IPOC: will be READY if FAAS is in ACQUIRING state Re-arm KICKER (MKD & MKB): will be READY if All generators are ON Feedback Tracking stage is OK Internal post operational check stage is OK Check LASS: will be READY if machine is closed (no re-arm) Check Re-trigger: will be READY if both re-trigger lines are closed and connection to TSU OK (no re-arm) Re-arm and Lock TSU All TSU inputs OK Locked on revolution frequency

10 LBDS Arming Sequencing
1. Individual sub-systems re-arming 2. Set Injection Permit to FALSE 3. Mask LBDS Ready to TRUE for 500ms 4. Wait for Beam Permit TRUE from BIS 5. Re-arm & lock TSU 6. Release LBDS Ready Mask 7. Set Injection Permit to TRUE

11 TSU Arming Flowchart

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