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Third Grade Unit 4 Light. sunlight reflection absorption.

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1 Third Grade Unit 4 Light

2 sunlight reflection absorption


4 StatementPicture 1Picture 2 The sky was the color of _______ in _______. The sky looked as if it would ______ if I touched it. The water felt as if ______________. The trees sounded like _________ in the wind. The wind felt like ________________ as it blew. The animals moved as if _________. Around me I could hear sounds as though to say ______. As I looked around at nature I wondered ________.

5 Teacher Questions Why or Why not? My thoughts before reading Why or why not? My thoughts after reading Do you think we could live underground? Do you think we need plants to stay alive? Do you think plants need sunlight? What would happen if the sun burned out?

6 Plants need the sun because sunlight is made up of energy which travels through space from many millions of miles away from Earth. The energy that plants receive from the sunlight is the most important ingredient a plant uses to make its food. The food-making process in plants is called photosynthesis. Photo mean light, and synthesis mean to make or create. So photosynthesis means making food with light. It is an important process because it is the way in which plants make their energy. Photosynthesis is the way plants change the energy from sunlight into energy made from carbohydrates or simple sugars. To do this, plants need water, carbon dioxide, energy from sunlight, and a special chemical in their leaves and stems called chlorophyll. Photosynthesis takes place within plant cells called chloroplasts, which mix the chlorophyll, sunlight, and water together. The result of the process is that the plant takes light from the sun and turns that light's energy into energy that the plant can use to grow and to stay alive.

7 Photosynthesis is important because without it there would be no plant or animal life on Earth. This is because all plants and animals depend on photosynthesis to get their energy, even if some of those animals do not eat the plants that make it. Carnivorous animals, those that eat only other animals, could not survive without photosynthesis because the animals they eat must have plants to survive. If the prey animals did not have plants, there would be nothing for the carnivores to eat. Humans eat plants and animals that consume plants. We could not survive without the process of photosynthesis. Without plant life, there can be no animal life at all on Earth.

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