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“Sunlight: Factor that Affects Seed Germination”

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1 “Sunlight: Factor that Affects Seed Germination”

2 Plants like animals reproduce to increase their number and preserve their kind. Some plants come from seeds. Seeds need the right condition to germinate. The amount of moisture and sunlight, and the type of soil are among the factors that affect seed germinate.

3 Dan Golo Clarisse Alfonso Beatrice Morales
SUNLIGHT: Factors that affect Seed Germination Hi! I’m Dan Golo. And this are my group mates. Clarisse Alfonso and Beatrice Morales. We are grade 4 students, who made this experimentation about. Dan Golo Clarisse Alfonso Beatrice Morales

4 Problem: What is the effect of sunlight in seed germination?

5 Hypothesis: If the sunlight is reached by the sunlight then, it will sprouts or germinate healthy and it will grow fast.

6 MATERIALS: ● 2 empty cans of the same kind ● Humus or Garden soil
●10 mongo seeds ● Water

7 Procedure: Punch holes at the bottom of cans. Label them A and B.
Fill about three-fourths of each can with soil. Plants 5 mongo seeds in each can. Water the seeds in both set ups everyday of five days. Place can A in an area reached by sunlight. Place can B in an area not reached by sunlight. Observe the seeds in both cans everyday for five days. Record your observations in the table below.

8 Experimentation Can A with sunlight Can B Without sunlight

9 Result and Analysis: Observation Plant A Plant B
Number of sprouts after five days All the seeds that we planted grow healthy. All seed was grown but unhealthy compared to the seed which is reached by the sun. Colour of the mongo sprouts Yellow Green/ordinary color of the sprout and its leaves seems to be healthy. The color of its leaves was yellowish compared to the can A. Size of the mongo sprouts We observed the size of mongo sprout were ordinary and grows healthy and it grows bigger The size of mongo sprout were thin. Although it grows but it is unhealthyS.

10 OBSERVATION Observation:
We, as a group we observed that in can A which was reached by sunlight. The seeds germinate naturally and healthy and the color of the leaves was green. On the other hand, in can B which was not reached by the sunlight the sprouts of the mongo was unhealthy and the leaves turn into yellowish color. It grows higher but the sizes of its stem was thin.

11 Conclusion: We concluded that the seeds need sunlight in order to grow healthy. In germinating seed, it is necessary to expose in sunlight in order to grow healthy. The temperature is also needed in sprouting seeds.

12 Reflection During our experimental period, we learned about how the mongo seeds grow. And the different factors that affect the growth. Not only that, but also we build a good collaboration in order to finish our experiments.

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