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RAINBOWS by Ava Nolan.

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1 RAINBOWS by Ava Nolan

2 Rainbow Facts Rainbows are multi-coloured arcs that form in the sky
A rainbow arch is a 42 degree angle starting opposite the sun A rainbow is not an object, it cannot be felt or touched

3 Rainbow Facts A rainbow is a full circle of light.
A rainbow occurs when it is raining in one part of the sky and sunny in another. Rainbows can be seen not just in rain but also mist and fog whenever there are water drops in the air and light shining from behind at the right angle

4 Circle of Light

5 Rainbow shape Rainbows are an arc shape because of
the bending of and dispersion of light through millions of water droplets.

6 Refraction As the light travels through the water
drop and disperses, it also does something called refraction. Refraction is what happens to the light when it hits the water drop, it changes speed and bends.

7 Light Refraction

8 Colours of the Rainbow Sir Issac Newton identified the 7 colours
of the spectrum that make up white light. All of which are present in a rainbow in the order red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

9 Colours of the Rainbow The name ROY G BIV is a good way to
remember these colours and their order. Or Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain

10 White Light Sunlight is made up of the colours of the rainbow
White light is when the colours are all mixed together When sunlight travels through the air in the same direction we see white light

11 White Light When the sunlight enters through a
raindrop the colours separate causing us to see a rainbow (dispersion) Each raindrop makes its own rainbow but it takes millions of raindrops for us to see a rainbow.

12 Light dispersion Dispersed light White light Prism (or raindrop)

13 Rainbow Experiment What you'll need A glass of water
(about three quarters full) White paper A sunny day

14 Instructions: Take the glass of water and paper to a part of the room with sunlight. Hold the glass of water above the paper and watch as sunlight passes through the glass of water, refracts (bends) and forms a rainbow of colours on your sheet of paper. Try holding the glass of water at different heights and angles to see if it has a different effect.

15 Thanks for watching

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