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Whompin Watermelons Holly, Brooke, Brandon & Brandy.

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1 Whompin Watermelons Holly, Brooke, Brandon & Brandy

2 What do you know about Watermelons? Do you know that Citrullus lanatus is the scientific name of the watermelon? The origin of the plant is Spain. The seeds we planted came from Family Dollar. The brand name is Dixie Queen. It takes the watermelon seeds 7-14 days to germinate. Depth to sow is 3cm! Seed spacing is usually 2.5cm for the watermelon. Days to harvest 80-90.

3 Objectives We planted 3 plants in different cups to determine whether the plant grew better with lots of sunlight, partial sunlight, or no sunlight!

4 Methods we used Type of Soil: Amount of water: Sunlight requirements: How often did you water the plant? How many seed did you plant? Details: Regular potting soil 20mL Full sunlight, partial & none Monday- Friday 4 in sunlight, 4 in partial, and 3 in no sun We collected data on the growth of the plant each day!

5 Results Observations: The more sunlight the plants had the faster they sprouted. First growth: Day 10 was the first sign of growth. Plants growing: The plant in sunlight and the plant in partial sunlight. How they look: The plant in sunlight has very good coloring it is a bright green and has many leaves; the plant in partial sunlight is taller and has fewer leaves; the plant in no sunlight has not yet grown. Graph: We do have enough data to construct a graph.

6 Conclusions Expected plant growth: They did not grow as we expected, because we expected them to sprout faster than what they did. Growing conditions: The plant in sunlight grew the fastest; the plant in partial sunlight took longer and the plant without sunlight did not grow at all. Conditions: The sunlight was the best condition for the plants and absolutely no sunlight was the worst condition. No one else grew watermelons. We would change our variables.

7 Researchers Role play: Brandon watered the plants, Holly measured the plants, Brooke recorded the information, and Brandy found out the information on our seeds. That sunlight does effect the amount of growth a watermelon plant has.

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