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Rock Quiz (2011-2012) NSS1 Geography (Stream 2) 6-6-2012.

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1 Rock Quiz (2011-2012) NSS1 Geography (Stream 2) 6-6-2012

2 Try your best! (Single / Pair-up) Observation & Discussion (2 min.) Memo writing (2 min.)

3 Items- personal information (a) Rock Sample (b) Rock appearance (c) Mineral / chemical composition (d) Rock characteristics (e) Type of rock (f) Other characteristics

4 Rock Sample 1

5 Answer: Rock sample 1 Rock appearance:clear-cut stratus, fine-grained, reddish in colour (c) Mineral / chemical composition: iron oxides, clastic, clay (d) Rock characteristics: bedding plane, well-sorted under calm condition, uniform in particle size (e) Type of rock: sedimentary, shale (f) Other characteristics: modified by chemical weathering / oxidation, folding of rock stratus

6 Rock Sample 2

7 Answer: Rock sample 2 Rock appearance: grey in colour, flow-lines, crystalline, fine-grained (c) Mineral / chemical composition: composed of silica (in high content), quartz (d) Rock characteristics: rapid cooling of lava, formed on the earth surface / extrusive vulcanicity as indicated by the flow-lines, acidic rock (e) Type of rock: igneous, rhyolite (f) Other characteristics: little modified by chemical weathering / fresh rock

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