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Warm-up Monday, August 26 Marshmallow Muscles

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1 Warm-up Monday, August 26 Marshmallow Muscles Larry was told that a certain muscle cream was the newest, best thing on the market and claims to double a person’s muscle power when used as part of a muscle-building workout. Interested in this product, he buys the special muscle cream and recruits Patrick and SpongeBob to help him with an experiment. Larry develops a special marshmallow weight-lifting program for Patrick and SpongeBob. He meets with them once every day for a period of 2 weeks and keeps track of their results. Before each session Patrick’s arms and back are lathered in the muscle cream, while Sponge Bob’s arms and back are lathered with the regular lotion. Which person is in the control group? What is the dependent variable? What should Larry’s conclusion be? SpongeBob – regular lotion Muscle Power It seemed to worked

2 rocks? T MYP Unit Question: What’s a world without
Area of Interaction: Human Ingenuity Learner Profile: Thinker Standard: Students will investigate the scientific view of how the earth’s surface is formed. Learning Target: Today I am learning about the characteristics of minerals because minerals are in everything around me. T

3 Bell Ringer: Every Person will Need . . .
Work Session: Return graded papers – glue in Notes: Characteristics of Minerals Closing: Ticket Out the Door Without talking find two people who share your birth month – birthstone.


5 “All minerals are rocks but are all rocks minerals?”
** If it’s written in yellow, write it down. **

6 Of the almost 4000 known minerals, only about 30 are common.
The most common are quartz, feldspar, mica, and calcite.

7 These minerals make up most of the rocks found in the Earth’s crust.

8 A mineral is Naturally occurring (not made by man) Solid
Inorganic (never alive) Specific chemical composition Crystalline shape (repeating pattern of atoms.

9 Naturally Occurring Minerals must occur naturally. Cannot be man made.
Cement, bricks, steel, and glass all come from materials found in the earth, but these are made by people.

10 Inorganic Inorganic materials were never living.
Coal is made from the remains of ancient plants and animals, so coal is not a mineral.

11 Definite shape, definite volume.
Solid Definite shape, definite volume. The state of matter when the material is below its freezing point. Particles are fixed in place.

12 Crystal Structure The particles of the material line up in a regular, repeating pattern. Has flat sides called faces, that meet at sharp edges and corners.

13 FORMATION Mineral are formed: When magma cools
Cools Slowly = LARGER crystals Cools Quickly = smaller crystals When a mineral is dissolved in a liquid Liquid evaporates Slowly = LARGER crystals Quickly = smaller crystals

14 Definite Chemical Composition
Always contains certain elements in the same proportion. Almost all minerals are compounds, which are two or more different elements bonded together (holding hands). Pyrite is two sulfur atoms holding hands with an atom of iron.

15 Quartz SiO2 Silicon + 2 Oxygen

16 Halite Cubic Crystal System NaCl Sodium Chloride

17 Iron or manganese impurities
Amethyst SiO2 Iron or manganese impurities Hexagonal

18 Two Groups of Minerals Divided into two groups based on mineral composition. Silicate minerals Non-silicate minerals

19 Silicate Minerals Made of silicon and oxygen, the most common elements in the Earths crust (90%) Quartz Feldspar Mica

20 Non-silicate Minerals
Contains carbon, oxygen, fluorine, and sulfur.

21 What is your birthstone?
Closing: Ticket Out the Door (TOD) Without talking, find two people who have the same birth month as you. Write their names down. What is your birthstone?



24 Color Impurities can cause a mineral to come in a variety of colors
Least reliable way to identify a mineral


26 Calcite

27 Warm-Up August 29 SpongeBob – no bait New bait
How many fish were caught. Didn’t make a difference.

28 Activator: Where’s Isaac and Kirk?

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