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National Landcover Database (2006) More information at:

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1 National Landcover Database (2006) More information at:

2 USGS 19 category (30 sec) NLCD 33 category (1 sec)

3 Addition of Playa, White Sand, and Lava categories for WRF modeling over military test ranges

4 How to change landuse 1.Get landuse_1s_westconus_playa folder from Jeff and put it in your geog/ directory, includes crucial index file 2.In WPS/geogrid, add to GEOGRID.TBL an interp option and rel_path for the new dataset under LANDUSEF 3.In geogrid/src/source_data_module.F, change min_category=1 and max_category=33 in subroutine get_max_categories then recompile 4.In namelist.wps change the geog_data_res to the rel_path you set in GEOGRID.TBL 5.In WRFV3/run directory copy in Jeff’s VEGPARM.TBL and LANDUSE.TBL that have 33 categories 6.In namelist.input add in num_land_cat=33 under &physics 7.Contact Jeff with issues

5 BB - B parameter, used to calculate hydraulic conductivity DRYSMC - Soil moisture threshold when evap stops MAXSMC – Soil porosity REFSMC – Soil moisture threshold when ET beings to stress SATDK – Saturated soil conductivity SATDW – saturated soil diffusivity WLTSMC – Wilting point of vegetation QTZ – Soil quartz content Added new variable

6 Call CLYC in subroutine REDPARM in Noah LSM How to add new variable to lookup table Easy!

7 SHDFAC – green vegetation fraction NROOT – number of soil layers roots penetrate RS – stomatal resistance RGL – parameter used for radiation stress function HS – parameter used in vapor pressure deficit function SNUP – snow depth (in m of water equivalent) that implies 100% snow cover

8 SHDMAX – maximum monthly vegetation cover from GREENFRAC variable initialized in met_em files SHDMIN –Mimimum monthly veg cover Vegetation categories may take max lookup table values, min values, or somewhere in between

9 Playa fixed at 0.46 Shrubland varying between 0.25 and 0.3

10 LANDUSE.TBL not used by Noah or RUC LSM. Values initialized in module_physics_init.F are overwritten by VEGPARM.TBL values

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