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Powerpoint Jeopardy Types of Rocks Minerals

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1 Powerpoint Jeopardy 10 20 30 40 50 Types of Rocks Minerals
Using your ESRT 1 Using your ESRT 2 Part 2 Questions 10 20 30 40 50

2 Which sample best shows the physical properties normally associated with regional metamorphism?

3 State one igneous rock that could be placed in the flowchart at D.

4 A student obtains a cup of quartz sand from a beach
A student obtains a cup of quartz sand from a beach. A saltwater solution is pored into the sand and allowed to evaporate. The mineral residue from the saltwater solution cements the sand grains together, forming a material that is most similar in origin to An extrusive igneous rock An intrusive igneous rock A clastic sedimentary rock d. A foliated metamorphic rock

5 Dolostone is classified as which type of rock?
Land-derived sedimentary rock chemically formed sedimentary rock foliated metamorphic rock nonfoliated metamorphic rock

6 Which rock is representing a(n)…
Igneous rock Sedimentary rock Metamorphic rock

7 Which mineral is the major component of drywall?
Talc calcite muscovite mica selenite gypsum

8 The data table below shows the density of four different mineral samples…
Corundum 4.0 Galena 7.6 Hematite 5.3 Quartz 2.7 A student measured the mass of a sample of one of the four minerals to be grams and its volume to be 73.6 cm³. Which mineral did the student measure?

9 Which two minerals have cleavage planes at right angles?
biotite mica and muscovite mica sulfur and amphibole quartz and calcite halite and pyroxene

10 Which igneous rock has a vesicular texture and contains the minerals potassium feldspar and quartz?
andesite pumice scoria pegmatite

11 If all four samples are placed together in a closed, dry container and shaken vigorously for 10 minutes, which mineral sample would experience the most abrasion?

12 Which mineral has a chemical composition most similar to andalusite (Al²SiO5)

13 Which mineral has a metallic luster, a black streak, and is an ore of iron?

14 The mineral wollastonite has a hardness of 4. 5 to 5
The mineral wollastonite has a hardness of 4.5 to 5. Which NYS mineral could easily scratch wollastonite?

15 If the sedimentary rock sandstone is metamorphosed by contact metamorphism it becomes what metamorphic rock?

16 When a piece of shale is exposed to extreme heat and pressure but does not melt, what type of rock forms? Give the name of a rock.

17 -made of mostly quartz, feldspar, and clay minerals
NAME THAT ROCK!! -clastic fragments -made of mostly quartz, feldspar, and clay minerals -fine to coarse grained -contains fossils

18 NAME THAT ROCK -Nonfoliated -Coarse grained -Composed of quartz

19 -Formed by heat and pressure
NAME THAT ROCK -Formed by heat and pressure -Composed of quartz, feldspar, mica and amphibole -has a banded texture

20 A sample of which rock would most likely contain fossils?
A. Granite C. Sandstone B. Slate D. Marble

21 Which rock is most likely to form at the boundary between layer A and layer C?

22 Which type of rock is forming above the coal material?

23 Base your answers to the question on the flowchart below and on your knowledge of Earth Science. The flowchart shows the formation of some igneous rocks. The circled letters A, B, C, and D indicate parts of the flowchart that have not been labeled. Give the numerical grain size range that should be placed in the flowchart at C. Units must be included in your answer.

24 Name two minerals found in gneiss that contain iron and magnesium.

25 Contrast the cooling rate of A and B.

26 Which form of coal, bituminous or anthracite, is more dense and why?

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