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Commercial Vehicle Safety and Security Operations NYSDOT Technology and Infrastructure Development Activities The Convergence of Real-Time Data, Information.

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1 Commercial Vehicle Safety and Security Operations NYSDOT Technology and Infrastructure Development Activities The Convergence of Real-Time Data, Information And Operations Office of Safety & Security Services

2 New York State E-Screening Program Safety –More commercial vehicles screened –Identification of “noncompliant” operators –Higher probability of stopping problem carriers Economics –Public Sector Asset management Improved benefit/costs of roadside inspection operations –Private Sector Lower operation costs Increased efficiency Greater freight delivery reliability Environmental/Energy –Reduction of idling emissions –Reduction in fuel consumption

3 Transponder Readers Identify Vehicle Identify Vehicle NORPASS 915 MHz Transponder Bypass/Stop Signal Sent to Transponder Mainline Weigh-in-Motion Devices Mainline Weigh-in-Motion Devices (WIM) Installed in Pavement (WIM) Installed in Pavement Screen commercial vehicles for: Credentials Status Weight Compliance Checks with: SAFER Data CVIEW/ OSCAR Data Roadside Operating Computer License Plate Reader Reader Mainline Electronic Screening Technology Located at Inspection Facility

4 Typical Electronic Screening Site Vehicle Detection & Identification Transponder Reader & License Plate Reader with Video Recognition Via Transponder Reader & License Plate Reader with Video Recognition Notification AVI Reader Mainline Screening WIMs (Piezo Electric, Piezo Quartz, Load Cell) Compliance AVI Reader Real-Time Operations & Screening Computer Static Scale for Weight Enforcement OSCAR/CVIEW/SAFER Database* (IFTA, IRP, HUT, OS/OW, etc.) *Can Add Other Data Files For Safety & Security

5 E-Screening Transponder NORPASS CVISN Tag Also called Mark IV Fusion Tag Can have E-Z Pass Layer Based on screening data for weight and credentials, system sends signal: Red Light Truck must stop at inspection site Green Light Truck can bypass inspection site

6 24/7 data collection, storage and retrieval Real-time data transmission/network Highway data collection (speed, volumes, class, weight) for planning, programming and asset management Roadside safety/weight inspection operations Weather information for traffic management/road conditions I-90 Schodack, N.Y. E-Screening Prototype Installation Infrastructure Optimization

7 E-Screening Development & WIM Research Study Funded by: I-95 Corridor Coalition Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

8 I-90 E-Screening Installation I-90 Schodack, N.Y. E-Screening Test Site includes: –CVISN-compatible transponder reader –Three different WIM technologies –License plate reader/video recognition –Weather station –Remote-activated CV inspection signs


10 WIM Test Bed I-90 in Schodack, N.Y. Installed three different WIM technologies –Single Load Cell –Quartz Piezoelectric –Class I Piezoelectric Commercial “off-the-shelf” technologies Range in accuracies, cost and ease of installation

11 WIM Test Bed Layout Vehicle Detection & Identification via Transponder Reader & License Plate Reader/Video Recognition System Notification AVI Reader Schodack Rest Area Class I Piezoelectric WIM Sensors Quartz Piezoelectric Sensors SLC System *Not to Scale Roadside Operating Computer & E-Screening Software NYSDOT & NYSP Remotely Operate System from Schodack Rest Area to Monitor, Identify and Notify Carriers for Inspection & Weight Enforcement Highway Data Collection Site Capable of 24/7 Data Collection, Storage and Retrieval Compliant with FHWA standards Weather Station *Not to Scale

12 Single Load Cell WIM Scales

13 Kistler Quartz Sensors Elastic material Quartz-sensing elements Load-bearing pad (can be grounded) Aluminum profile

14 Class I Piezoelectric Sensor-type device Primarily used for data collection activities Reported lowest accuracy at 10%– 15% Least intrusive

15 I-90 E-Screening Installation Statistical analysis developed Compared three WIM measurements correlated with static measurements using LPR/Transponder Measured pavement quality (smoothness) over time, weather variations, etc. Best WIM may not be most accurate Accuracy plus life cycle costs, installation, pavement requirements, etc., factored

16 Schodack, N.Y. E-Screening Installation Status 2008 Completed WIM installs and calibration Completed LPR installation All equipment tested, including weather station WIM data collection started in April 2008 LPR data collection in May 2008 Performed static scale weight measurements versus dynamic WIM measurements in Fall 2008 Evaluated over time to correlate pavement degradation with WIM accuracy

17 WIM Comparison

18 Environmental Variables

19 Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) Similar to E-Z PASS technology (DSRC) 915 MHz  5.9 GHz Extremely high-speed, high-capacity, low- latency, highly secure data transmission Universal, interoperable device/system offers multiple transportation uses Internet for the highway/transportation System vehicle control possible

20 VII Enables Many Applications Safety & Security Examples  Road Condition Warning  Lane/Road Departure  Cargo/Container Tracking  CV Driver ID/Verification  CV Routing/Geo Fencing  Wireless Inspection  Parking availability  In-vehicle signing  Intersection collision avoidance Mobility Examples  Probe Data  Travel Time  Electronic Payment  Incident/Accident Info  Tolling  Navigation/Directions

21 New Concept of VII W/CVII OBE DSRC @ 5.9 GHZ RSE Network Management Center Public Sector OBE – On Board Equipment RSE – Road Side Equipment Aqua = NYS Yellow = Others/TBD OBE OEMs, Private Companies, Subscription Services, etc. Private Sector

22 NYSDOT & I-95 CVII Program Develop CV vehicle OBE system and software to build upon:  National VII efforts  I-95 NC/NCHP/Volvo Truck Project  FMCSA’s Wireless Roadside Inspection Project Test Wireless CV Driver ID and Verification (TWIC, Biometrics) Test Wireless Vehicle Safety Inspection Information (brake condition, tire pressure, light status, etc.) Develop/Test CV to Maintenance Vehicles Communication

23 CVII Program Requirements Complete interoperability Communication with any VII-compliant vehicle or infrastructure Nonproprietary “core” system design capable of duplication USDOT’s National VII Initiative utilization of DSRC 802.11p Integration of VII communications device w/SAE J1708 commercial vehicle data bus Compliant/utilization of standard message sets SAE J1587, SAE J1939 and SAE 2735

24 CVII Program Status Contract negotiations started August 5, 2008 Winning team led by Volvo Technology of America w/TechnoCom, Booz Allen, Cambridge Systematics, Southwest Research Institute, Fitzgerald & Halliday Program started in Fall 2008 Partners include I-95 CC, NYSTA, Michigan DOT, Washington DOT, RITA JPO, FMCSA, FHWA, ATRI, ATA and NYS Motor Truck Association

25 CVII Program Potential Vehicle Safety Information


27 New York’s OSCAR Web site On-Line Electronic Credentialing System for Commercial Vehicles OSCAR (One Stop Credentialing and Registration) rollout May 1, 2003 Joint Agency Development led by NYS Tax and Finance, including NYSDOT, NYSTA, NYSP & DMV Web site –Carriers can obtain instant online credentials –Free, secure service that does not require installation of new software on a PC –IRP, IFTA, HUT and OS/OW credentials electronically

28 Current OSCAR Functionality NYS Department of Taxation and Finance - Highway Use Tax (HUT): Obtain credentials/renewal Duplicate/cancel/revise IFTA Credentials IRP Credentials: Obtain Credentials Transfer Plates NYSDOT Credentials: Obtain I-84 special hauling permits Electronic Payment: Credit Card, ACH (HUT transactions only) Web site expanded business hours: 24 hours, Monday- Friday

29  More than 19,000 enrollments  More than 513,182 credentials issued  Total credential costs: $6.46 million  Tremendously successful, extremely well received by industry  Future enhancements in progress (IFTA renewals, NYSDOT divisble load permits) Status of New York’s OSCAR

30 HUT Electronic Renewal Login

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