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Catalogue Giacintec / T.C.E. Solutions. Catalogue 2007 These pages to help you in your research of telemetry solution Data sheets, press releases, articles.

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1 Catalogue Giacintec / T.C.E. Solutions

2 Catalogue 2007 These pages to help you in your research of telemetry solution Data sheets, press releases, articles and presentations can be reached separatly If, for any reason you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us. Réalisation : Jean Louis Rouvet – Giacintec Version July 2007

3 Catalogue Giacintec / T.C.E. Where are we ? Giacintec is located in Vitry : 5 minutes from A86 highway, exit ‘Vitry’, 15 minutes from Orly airport, 1 hour from Roissy CDG airport and 10 minutes from Paris downtown

4 Where are we ? T.C.E. is located in Biscarrosse :100 Km south west of Bordeaux and 600 Km south west of Paris, In Aquitaine country, near ‘ CEL ( Landes MissilesTest Range ) and C.E.A. ( Nuclear Research Center. )

5 Where is Biscarrosse Map

6 Our export products lines Telemetry : FM / FM industrial telemetries for moving parts of machines eg : rotating parts. Digital telemetries for rotating machines as well as process like linear ovens; P.C.M. telemetries, mainly for industrial purposes. New concept telemetries Complete systems including torque meters

7 Here is our lab. The lab is dedicated, mainly to telemetry cenception, test and final qualification. It remains we do have all the potential instrumentation to validate measurements including our oven, strain gages and thermocouple simulators and reccorders as well as data acquisition computers

8 Services Technical support Design and manufacturing On site customer support Commissionning and installation Technical follow up System rentals and measurement campains

9 Industrial telemetry Dedicated to rotating machines

10 FM / FM Telemetry Single and Multi Channel ( 1 to 8 ) Double frequency modulation Distance 50 m ( 5 mW ) P band Data simultaneous transmission Strain gages, thermocouples, piézoélectric sensors and others Wireless transmission from rotating to stationary part of a machine.

11 Telemetry ( continue ) Centrifugal acceleration 25000 g and more Temperature : - 40 à + 125 °C Water proof options Batteries or inductive power supply Output signal + / - 5 VDC Full range Bandwidth from DC to 10 KHz for single channel or 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Accuracy @20°C : Better than 0,2 % F.R. Thermal drift : 0,02 %/°C/F.R.

12 IndustrialTelemetry Presentation You will find this presentation under the name of FM / FM telemetry presentation. It gives an overview on what can be analogical telemetry. It explain philosophy of the double frequency modulation devices. Another paper is FM / FM telemetry concerns

13 Télémetry Single chanel One channel systems are the most common, they are used for many applications. Rg See 101-J-02 data sheet And M 501 data sheet

14 Ribbon transmitters New ribbon technology Ribbon technology has been developped to ease implementation of transmitters in some applications. It cannot be used as shown on the picture but will be encapsulated with different shapes upon needs.

15 Frequency multiplex Transmitter We are offering from 2 to 8 channels systems with one carrier frequency transmitting simultaneously all the measurements See 106-J-05 data sheet

16 Digital Telemetry We already were specialists in FM / FM Telemetry. Invested time and cash on Bluetooth, WiFi and other technologies. We purchased, in November 2006, the know how from a digital telemetry french leader : In’Trad.

17 Digital telemetry concerns Digital telemetry presentation can be reached from the access page, it is an overview of what is our concept of digital telemetry. In addition, few application notes tells about applications of these systems. On french part of the web site there are some more infos concerning these products

18 Digital Telemetry ( RS 232 ) System includes transmitter 1 to 6 channels Receiver ( Twin band possible ) See Microtrad and Profiltemp data sheets

19 System dedicated This industrial system will transmit data to a computer with µ-Trad software

20 - 200°C up to more than 1600°C Transmitter with its battery pack can be installed in protection housing Protection for freezing High temp protection See thermal protection data sheet

21 Flexible transmitter A flexible version helps following parameters on specific process where the product is bent. See Microtrad Data sheet

22 P.C.M Encoders The small PCM encoder is buiding a PCM frame Biø-L with max speed of 1 Mb/s, NRZ-L signal + clock. See PCM Telemetry data sheet

23 P.C.M. Telemetry Conditionners are implemented in the PCM housing to connect directly sensors. The 6, 12, 18 up to 48 channels are transmitted on transmitting frequency choosen purposely, for instance 2,4 GHz. Transmission range depends upon transmitter power.

24 Receiver and decoding A small receiver supplies the PCM frame to a computer. A plug in card has to be added in the computer to demodulate the signal and process it.

25 High capacity software In order to process signals up to 20 Mb/s display in engineering units, with motions, bargraphs and a lot more.

26 Torque meter application Reach our torque data sheet or torque discussion on blue and yellow buttons See torque meters data sheet

27 Single channel Bluetooth or WiFi Art one A simple solution

28 Protection housings Tailored protections We offer thermal protections for several applications : High temp with ceramic tiles, Medium with stainless steel housings Medium Low with composite housings Very Low for freezing See thermal protection data sheet

29 Very low temperature protections 0 ° K + Very low temp protection includes housing and two or 3 phase change packs allowing long duration measurements in very cold environments. See thermal protection data sheet

30 High temp protections Design is based on calculations Housing can be protected with ceramic tiles or other coatings. Inside a specific product delays temperature penetration. We are using phase changing products from solid to liquid and gaz in order to keep electronics at reasonnable temperatures. Protections are light weight and tailored to specifi process.

31 Ordering information How to order : By fax to headquarter 05 58 78 40 63 or in Paris 01 46 70 90 00, or via e-mail : or by regular mail. Order should be confirmed by regular mail Prices for products are available from M.C.E. or Distributors. All orders are shipped F.O.B shipping point M.C.E. Parentis. All prices are firm for 30 days.

32 Payment Pre-payment in Euros by wire transfert, credit card, letter of credit, or other agreed upon means.. In case of pre-design, 30 % payment will be requested at drawings delivery. Other specified by writting.

33 Delivery Unless otherwise notified by you, we will ship orders by air. Packaging, insurances and transportations are not included. Duties and Taxes remain under customer’s responsibility

34 Warranties and Return Standard hardware products are warranted against defect in material and workmanship for a period of one year. In case of specific design, the system is warranted for good operation in accordance with the specification.. Return : goods are returned at buyer expenses.

35 Services We will supply instruction manual for each system. A technical support can be offered, either through our representatives in the country, either with an overcost. The target is the user satisfation.

36 Confidentiality We are working with the army, nuclear power plants, aeronautics and so on … but also with industrials. Confidentiality is a well known notion for our teams. Even if we keep informations and refuse to disclose anything concerning projects, we understand sometimes our customers need a confidentiality agreement, we are please to sign such agreements.

37 International We are operating in Europe, in United States but as well in countries like India and so on. Our aim is to be on customer’s side to help in his application.

38 A word from the team We spent time for our custmers in developping easy to use, reliable and high quality tools. Such of an experience is essential to provide the user with the good solution to a dedicated problem. We put our experience and our efforts to bring you the best.

39 The engineers We frequently listen to people saying, we will make our best effort to make it work. We think before and make it work whatever the efforts to put in there have to be. We belong to a team and our customers belong to this team, the team needs results. Thanks to our customers for being part of the team.

40 Catalogue 2007 End

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