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500 400 300 100 200 100 200 Definitions LIGHT 100 200 TURN UP THE HEAT: Thermal 100 200 I’m a Genius 200 100 Do you hear me? GOT SOUND.

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2 Definitions LIGHT TURN UP THE HEAT: Thermal I’m a Genius Do you hear me? GOT SOUND

3 Definitions 100 Reflection a. light being absorbed by an object b. light bouncing off an object c. light being bent by an object Answer=B, Light bouncing off an object

4 Refraction A. Light being absorbed by an object B. Light traveling through space C. Light being bent by an object D. The absence of light Answer = C, Light bending Definitions 200

5 Conduction A.Heat transferred through liquid or gas; molecules rising & falling B. Heat transferred through the air C. Negative heat transfer D. Heat transferred directly through objects Answer = D, Heat is transferred directly through objects through objects Definitions 300

6 Convection Answer = B, Heat transferred through air Definitions 400 A. Negative heat transfer B. Heat transferred through the air C. Heat is reflected and refracted D. Heat transferred directly through objects

7 The average amount of kinetic energy found in an object is its... Answer = A, temperature Definitions 500 A. Temperature B. Density C. Mass D. State of Matter

8 LIGHT 100 You see lightening before you hear the thunder….WHY? A. A. Light travels in a vacuum B. B. Precipitation slows down the light C. Light travels faster that sound Answer = C, light travels faster than sound

9 LIGHT 200 An example of refracted light would be... Answer = B & D (Did you read ALL the choices?) ! A. A. Viewing your image in a mirror B. B. Observing a rainbow during rainfall C. C.Seeing your reflection in a tinted window D. D. A light source passing through a concave or convex lens

10 LIGHT 300 A farsighted person sees things far away much better than near. Which lens would be better for this person? Answer = B, convex ( light bends inward to magnify the image) A.Concave lens B.Convex lens C.Sunglass lens

11 LIGHT 400 A nearsighted person sees things near to them much better than things far away. Which lens would be better for this person? Answer = A, concave lens ! (A concave lens refracts the light to spread out & lengthen the waves) A.Concave lens B.Convex lens C.Sunglass lens

12 LIGHT 500 Answer = B, Green reflected ! Why does grass look green when there is light during the day, but it has no color at night when it there is no light? The grass appeared green because… A. A.Green was absorbed; all other colors were reflected B. B.Green was reflected; other colors absorbed C. C.Green is the brightest color in the visible spectrum D. D.All other colors refracted in different directions

13 GOT SOUND? 100 Sound is caused by... Sound is caused by... A. Molecules moving in a vacuum B. Traveling in a straight line C. Vibrations of matter molecules D. Opening your mouth too big Answer = C, Vibrations of matter

14 GOT SOUND? 200 Why do scientists know that a falling tree in a forest makes a sound when no one is there to hear it? Answer = C, Vibrations occurred! A.The other trees blocked the sound waves B.The sound was reflected C.Vibrations occurred when the tree fell D.No one was present to hear the sound

15 GOT SOUND? 300 If you wanted to conduct sound waves the greatest distance, what material would be the best one to use? Answer = D, (Sound travels the best through solids) A.Wood B.Metal C.Rock D.All of the above

16 GOT SOUND? 400 GOT SOUND? 400 Sound travels through… Answer = D, (sound travels faster through solids, then liquids, then gases) A. all substances at the same speed B. a vacuum faster than through air C. water slower than it travels through air D. air slower than it travels through water Daily Double

17 GOT SOUND? 500 Which TWO CHOICES are true about sound? Answer = B and D ! A. Sound travels faster than light. B. Sound does not travel in straight lines; it can go around and through objects. C. Sound travels faster through water than wood. D. Sound does not travel through a vacuum.

18 TURN UP THE HEAT 100 Electrons flowing through a light-bulb filament produce? Answer = B, ! A. heat and sound B. light and heat C. light and movement D. movement and heat

19 TURN UP THE HEAT 200 Which of the following best describes potential energy? Answer = B ! A.It cannot change form more than once B.It can be found in many forms C.It can be transformed by gravity alone. D.It includes electric energy

20 TURN UP THE HEAT 300 The law of conservation of energy states- A.that energy can’t be transformed from one form to another B. the transformation of energy happens only at low temperatures C. that energy can be changed, but it cannot be created or destroyed created or destroyed D. that energy can be changed only one time during one activity Answer = C !

21 TURN UP THE HEAT 400 Electrical energy is caused by the movement of - A. charged particles B. light C. particles of air D. particles of water Answer = A !

22 TURN UP THE HEAT 500 Which is an advantage that an electromagnet has over a regular magnet? Answer = B ! A. It attracts more types of materials. B. It can be turned on and off. C. Opposites are attracted to each other

23 I’m a Genius 100 A material to consider to insulate sound could be foam rubber because... A. The molecules are closely packed together to stop vibrations B. The color of the foam does not allow sound to be reflected. C. Foam rubber has lots of air spaces between the molecules of the material, so there are fewer vibrations. D. None of the above. Answer = C !

24 I’m a Genius 200 Blowing through a pipe can produce a sound because... A. air is absorbed by the pipe molecules B. the pipe cools the air molecules C. the air in the pipe vibrates against the pipe molecules D. the smooth pipe speeds up the air Answer = C

25 I’m a Genius 300 Thermal energy is transferred between objects in which 3 ways? A.Radiation, conduction, and reflection B. Absorption, convection, and radiation C. Convection, refraction, and insulation D. Conduction, convection, and radiation Answer = D ! Daily Double

26 Daily Double! I’m a Genius 400 Which of the following would describe how sound travels in space? A. Sound reflects off the Earth. B. Sound is capable of traveling great distances. C. Sound cannot travel in space. D. Sound travels farther when there are fewer obstacles to block the vibrations Answer = C, (sound can not travel in a vacuum)

27 I’m a Genius 500 Which example is not true of thermal energy? A. Convection: Making toast in a toaster B. Conduction: Cooking in the microwave oven C. Convection: Roasting marshmallows near the campfire D. Radiation: Warming your hands by the fireplace Answer = B !

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