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Peek-a-Boo Box Construction Mrs. Nadine Allen Pearson Elementary.

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1 Peek-a-Boo Box Construction Mrs. Nadine Allen Pearson Elementary

2 Hello, Pearson Families! In addition to the diagram I created and sent home, I thought it might be helpful to show you an example of the basic construction of a Peek-a-Boo box. I went searching for a box in my own house, and I found this—a box with a lid attached. Figures! Instead of finding one that matched the box I used in the diagram, I thought I’d just modify this one to work, since I would guess that this is a common style of box, and some of you might be working with one like it.

3 1. I cut off the lid where it hinged. 2. I flipped the lid over so the print will be on the interior of the “lid” I am making. 3. I bent the side walls inside out.

4 4. I then bent the top of the box inside out, then over the new side walls, then into the new interior of the lid. As you can see, I had to create new folds in the cardboard. I used my fingernails to pinch along the folds.

5 5. Next, I measured the side of the box to determine the approximate middle (or your student may choose to place it off center for effect—it’s up to them!). 6. Instead of pulling out a compass, I found a round object that was between 2 and 3 inches in diameter, then traced around it on the face of the box.

6 7.Using my pen, I poked a hole through the center… sliced out a wedge of cardboard… then cut around the hole. 8. It was not as easy to make the hole smooth as I thought it would be! Even cutting carefully, the hole was more ragged than I liked. In the top picture, you can see where I used a flexible sanding block on half the hole. The next picture shows the hole finished, sanded smooth. I purchased a bag of these soft foam core blocks at the Dollar Tree. Sandpaper or emery boards should also work.

7 At this point, all you need to do is secure the new “lid” to the box after the interior is finished. One way is to secure it just like Picture A with glue, hot glue, heavy tape, or another dependable adhesive. The drawback to this is that the lid cannot be removed for transport (to cover the tissue paper in case of rain). Another option is to secure it like Picture B, where you cut a notch out of your box, then slide it between the sidewalls of the main box. I found that the friction of the cardboard held it nicely in place, but could still be removed to cover the top for transport (instructions on the next page). A. B.

8 First, slice a notch where the top of the main box lines up with the lid. Next, unfold the sliced wall, then cut off one half of it—along the fold or hinge. Repeat with the other side. They should slide in between the side walls of the main box easily, and be held in place from the pressure. You may need to recut the top of the tab at a slight angle before inserting it. I hope this helped! Have fun creating !

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