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Solar Challenge Middle School Division Remote Controlled (RC) Solar Car.

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1 Solar Challenge Middle School Division Remote Controlled (RC) Solar Car

2 Recommended Materials for RC Solar Car MaterialPriceLocation Junior Solar Sprint Kit $25Click Here for Link Junior Solar Sprint Wheels/tires, shafts and gears $4Click Here for Link Additional Junior Solar Sprint Solar Electric Panel $20Click Here for Link Mini Servo $4Click Here for Link US Ship Rc Car Rc Truck Brushed Speed Controller Max 320A with Reverse, Brake $20Click Here for Link 2.4 Ghz radio Model RC Transmitter and Receiver (important that you purchase this particular brand) $30Click Here for Link Total±$100

3 Other Considerations for RC Solar Car -Zip ties -Alligator Clips -Cardboard, Styrofoam, or other chassis materials -Coated electrical wire

4 Tools  Safety goggles  Needle Nose pliers  Screwdriver  Hot glue gun  Utility knife  Voltmeter  Ruler  Scissors  Big Hammer  Wire Cutters And IMAGINATION!!

5 Now Let’s Build a RC Solar Car!

6 Step 1 Attach solar panels to each other. Make sure they are braced to ensure sturdiness. The photo is just a sample way you could attach the panels, there might be better ways for your car! *handle with care. Solar panels are fragile.

7 Step 2 Figure out how and where you want your solar panels to be set on the chassis. How high should it be? Do you want it angled? Do we want your weight distributed evenly? Will you have easy access to the components of the RC car? Can the solar panels be removed once attached? * for this RC car we decided to glue Styrofoam to raise solar panels and attach bent spokes (paper clips) to the chassis to make the solar panels removable. Use your own design!

8 Step 3 Build a chassis for your car that will hold your solar panels. (We were boring an used a piece of cardboard.)

9 Step 4 Decide the gear ratio you want to connect the motor to the axle. Different combinations will give you different results. Do you want more speed or torque? Determine where you want your motor to be positioned by placing the axle through poster and lining up the gears.

10 Step 5 We are using our solar panels connected “in Series” so we used alligator clips to connect the panels at the two closest terminals. The two outside terminals will be connected to the Electronic Speed Control (ESC).

11 Step 6 Attach motor, ESC and receiver to chassis Attach steering servo to chassis *This may require some imagination and engineering. For simplicity, we used a single steering connection, making a 3-wheeler.

12 Step 7 Connect ESC to receiver and motor Connect steering servo to receiver Attach solar panels to chassis

13 Step 8 Turn on receiver and transmitter. Place Solar Car in the sun watch it go!!

14 Tips Use voltmeter to test solar panels. Also use voltmeter to determine which prong on the rc solar car is negative and positive.

15 Remember to Test, Test, Test, and Always Have Fun!

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