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 Hockey Slap Shot By Brandon Starkey and Tyler Kohmetscher.

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1  Hockey Slap Shot By Brandon Starkey and Tyler Kohmetscher

2 Equipment  The hockey stick is usually between five and six feet long.  Made of wood, aluminum, fiber glass, carbon fiber, kevlar, and titanium.  They weigh between a pound and a pound and a half depending on material.

3 Phases of the Shot  Preparation  Windup  Downswing  Loading the stick  Impact  The follow through

4 Preparation Phase  Line front foot up with puck  This location optimizes energy to transferred to puck  Lead shoulder pointed to the target

5 Wind Up Phase  Draw stick back  Further back=more velocity, but also means more time

6 Downswing  Rotate hips, trunk, and shoulders  Contact anywhere from 4-12 inches behind the puck  Contacting behind the puck is essential for bend of the stick

7 Loading the Stick  Apply pressure to the Stick by putting downward pressure on the stick with the lower hand  The height of the lower hand on the shaft is critical.  too high=not enough bend in stick  too low=not as much energy will be transferred to the puck

8 Impact  Point when the blade catches the puck  Strike the heel of the blade (sweet spot)  Further out= more torque, not as accurate

9 Follow Through  Used to maintain balance

10 Keys to the Shot  Blade orientation  Hand Position  Impulse Duration  Stick Bending  “The key to a good slap shot is the conversion of angular momentum to linear momentum.”

11 Muscles Used  Shoulder Adduction  Pectoralis Major  Latissimus Dorsi  Teres Major  Shoulder Flexion  Anterior Deltoid  Shoulder Internal Rotation  Pectoralis Major  Subscapularis

12 Muscles Used (cont)  Trunk Rotation  Internal/External obliques  Hip Flexion  Psoas  Illiacus  Pectineus  Elbow Extension  Triceps Brachii

13 Muscles Used (cont)  Forearm Pronation  Pronator Quadratus  Wrist Flexion  Flexor carpi radialis  Ulnaris

14 Video 

15 Resources  Farber, M. (2011). GOODBYE TO THE SLAP SHOT. Sports Illustrated, 115(20), 60-63.  Laliberte, D. J. (2009). Biomechanics of Ice Hockey Slap Shots: Which Stick Is Best?. Sport Journal, 12(1), 1.  Smith, R., & Rudy, M. (2002). Hot Shot. Golf Digest, 53(2), 99.  Villasenor, A., Turcotte, R., & Pearsall, D. (2006). Recoil Effect of the Ice Hockey Stick During a Slap Shot. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 22, 202-211.

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