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Our Anatomical analysis of the Cartwheel Lucy, Bex and Erin.

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1 Our Anatomical analysis of the Cartwheel Lucy, Bex and Erin

2 Amature Cartwheel

3 Our Sporting Movement: Cartwheel Stages of the movement Joints Involved1. Preparation2.Performance3. Post Ankle Plantar flexion tibialis anterior foot plants on the ground in front of you Plantar flexion Knee start-isometric quads-flexion front leg bent, quad isometric contracting, knee bent in front of you hamstring stretched quads flexion Hip hip extension, oblique's extending lateral flexion my hip is extending as my body bends over sideways anatomical position

4 Joints Involved1. Preparation2.Performance3. Post Torso lateral flexion torsoflexion and extension, abdominals isometric contraction in abdominals to keep balance. anatomical position Shoulder extension of shouldersput hands up in air for position your anterior deltoid pulls it half way, posterior deltoid pulls it up above your head. agonist and antagonist with triceps and biceps, extension of lattimus dorsi. relaxed. anatomical position Elbow elbows relaxedextension of biceps and triceps relaxed, anatomical position Wrist relaxedflexionrelaxed

5 A Pro’s Cartwheel gY&feature=player_detailpage

6 Key Differences DifferenceWhat happens because of this Bex is facing side on, where is the pro is facing forward She has a lot more power to push off her front leg. Look from front on she's in a straight line and balanced while in the air, Bex’s legs are not in the straight line and are leaning towards the ground. Bex loses balance and falls forward, the pro executes the cartwheel still in a straight line. Pro allows slow movements while performing the skill, I flick myself over really fast. Lose balance. Pro has strong abdominals, Bex doesn’t.Lose balance and cartwheel is not in a straight line.

7 How to improve Analyse a pro doing it. Break down movements. A lot of stretch and core work.

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