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Created By: Allison Costanzi Jennifer Casey Charles Korb Zackary Watson.

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1 Created By: Allison Costanzi Jennifer Casey Charles Korb Zackary Watson

2 Engineering Disaster  Lakewood Company designed and sold storage/retrieval devices  Design: 2 large storage racks facing each other Crane runs between them Attached on top of each storage rack with crane girders

3 Engineering Disaster Cont.

4  The operator took a stack out of storage Weight limit for crane 2000 pounds ○ Stack came in well below at 1,460 The stack was not lowered to the ground as specified In transit the beams supporting the crane bent ○ Caused the crane to detach from the flanges ○ Stack was dropped ○ Operator was thrown 20 feet

5 Engineering Disaster Cont.


7 Ethic Failure  According to Engineering code of ethics: “Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of their professional duties” ○ The Lakewood Company failed on the design of the stacking hoist ○ Operator error, was not following safety protocol

8 Could this have been avoided?  If the operator of the crane was following protocol: Load would have been lowered to the ground ○ Reduced pressure on the beams, would not have bent  The Lakewood Company design: The calculations were re-done by Buchannan Company ○ Simple calculations: showed the beam needed to be stronger to deal with the pressure of the loads

9 What actions could be taken?  Safety Features could be added: Seat Belt ○ Operator would not fly off ○ Could get crushed by load A back-up set of girders could be added in case of failure Add a mechanism that would not allow an operator to move until the crane was lowered More safety classes for operators, refresh them on how to operate the crane properly Use stronger beams for a more solid design

10 Project Background  iWVU App Creating two apps: ○ Android ○ iPhone Pulling information from different WVU sources to put all in one place ○ PRT status ○ Bus schedules ○ Directory

11 Ethical Issues in Our Project  Pulling information from WVU sources Pictures and information are needed Copyright is possible  Possible to misrepresent the Mountain Line Transit Authority and their products and services  Ensure the privacy of users

12 Steps to Avoid Disaster  Go through Web-Services to ensure designs are approved Will provide the trademarked pictures Give us the correct information that is needed  Working directly with Mountain Line to ensure correct data is given

13 Work Cited  "Failure of a Stacking Hoist." N.p., 24 Oct. 2006. Web. 03 Apr. 2013..  "Failure of a Stacking Hoist." Case: Failure of a Stacking Hoist. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Apr. 2013..  "IEEE Code of Ethics." IEEE, n.d. Web. 04 Apr. 2013..

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