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Dr. Adam Saucedo. POWERSTRIPS™ POWERSTRIPS™ are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA.

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1 Dr. Adam Saucedo


3 POWERSTRIPS™ are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA

4 POWERSTRIPS™ Consequences of listing with FDA Allows us to make certain claims: POWERSTRIPS™ provide temporary relief of minor pain*. * it should be assumed that whenever the word pain is used in this presentation that it is in the context described above.

5 POWERSTRIPS™ Heat and Pain POWERSTRIPS TM are designed to be gentle to the skin. Intended for regular daily use over time. Non-toxic and designed with the health of the user & the environment in mind.

6 POWERSTRIPS™ Germanium Heat-Pain Model Naturally occurring germanium (Ge) particles are distributed evenly throughout the the PowerStripsTM Germanium has optical properties that effect heat/thermal energy Ge magnified Ge pulverized

7 Glass is transparent to visual light As visual light passes through a glass prism, light: – Is refracted or bent – Is dispersed into different wavelengths or colors with different spectral energies Notice in the box how infrared has different wavelengths Understanding Germanium and Thermal Energy Glass Prism & Visual Light Model Glass Prism

8 Ge is transparent to heat/thermal energy As heat passes through Ge particles, heat: –is refracted/bent –is dispersed into different wavelengths with different spectral energies POWERSTRIPS™: Energy Source Germanium (Ge) model - Thermal Energy Long wave Heat Environmental Thermal Energy

9 Long wave Heat Thermal Energy, Heat and the Body Constant thermal energy interacting with PowerStrips used regularly increases heat levels and concentration Published peer-reviewed research on the interaction of deep heat and the body gives insight and understanding to this concept

10 Normal Dilated Heat in deep tissues: reported immediate effects As heat interacts with tissues vessels dilate Dilated vessels carry increased blood, oxygen and nutrition to cells Heat

11 Infrared Images Before and After application of PowerStrips to posterior thighs Low heat signature Then increased heat signature Represents dilated vessels carrying increased blood volume with more oxygen and nutrients

12 How does heat relieve pain? Interrelated biochemical and nervous pathways Results in vessel dilation and increase in blood flow Enhances the release of prostaglandins and histamines which enhances dilation Endorphin levels increase leading to pain relief (runner’s high)

13 How does heat relieve pain? (continued) Local vessel dilation can extend to involve the entire body eventually when PowerStrips are used regularly, over time Cells that carry pain signals have decreased signal conduction Elevated cellular metabolic rate More efficient clearing of metabolic wastes via dilated veins.

14 How does heat relieve pain? (continued) Heat results in elevated levels of NITRIC OXIDE. NITRIC OXIDE plays a role in pain relief and has many additional effects on the human body. While I can not discuss these, I recommend that you read carefully and extensively on NITRIC OXIDE.

15 Impact of Pain on Individuals & Society -Effects more than Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease combined -53% reported pain in the previous two weeks -1 in 3 experience lasting pain -Costs $600 Billion annually to the U.S. economy -Costs $300 Billion annually in Healthcare services -Spend more than $2 Billion on non-prescription products annually -World Wide 1.5 Billion suffer with Pain Daily -The One factor that impacts every disease, illness, trauma is PAIN!

16 POWERSTRIPS™ Consequences of listing with FDA Allows us to make certain claims: Improves the Look and Feel of Skin.

17 POWERSTRIPS™ Improved Look and Feel of Skin Four Important components 1. Germanium - Heat effects Skin microcirculation dilates Improved oxygen/nutrition delivery Improved cellular waste clearance

18 Four Important components 2. Silver – Topical effects Topical antimicrobial effects Decrease topical bacteria Decrease topical viruses Improved topical environment POWERSTRIPS™ Improved Look and Feel of Skin

19 Four Important components 3. Korean Red Ginseng – Topical effects Topical anti-inflammatory effects Topical protection against photoageing of skin Improved skin firmness Improved appearance of redness and fine lines POWERSTRIPS™ Improved Look and Feel of Skin

20 Four Important components 4. - 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton - Topical Represents complete nutrition and provides – Topical antioxidant – Topical anti-allergy – Topical anti-inflammatory Evens out skin tones Improves smoothness of skin Microscopic view of a single drop of Marine phytoplankton vitamins fatty acids minerals amino acids POWERSTRIPS™ Improved Look and Feel of Skin


22 POWERSTRIPS™ Infrared Face

23 POWERSTRIPS™ Skin Behind Ear

24 Infrared Arm

25 POWERSTRIPS™ Skin Posterior Knee

26 POWERSTRIPS™ Infrared Posterior Thighs

27 Impact of PowerStrips on Global Community When we consider what we have just seen in these images, and begin to calculate the number of lives that can be impacted globally, it becomes clear that we have the ability to meaningfully and positively touch the lives of the entire adult global community… more than 2.5 billion human beings! This must be the goal of the FGXpress Family.


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