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1 Carol Davids © 2010 Conference *Greetings IIT Seventh Annual RTC Conference and Expo October 4-6, 2011

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1 1 Carol Davids © 2010 Conference *Greetings IIT Seventh Annual RTC Conference and Expo October 4-6, 2011

2 2 Welcome and Thanks Welcome to the IIT School of Applied Technology I am Carol Davids, Director of the RTC Lab and an Industry Professor in the ITM Program Thanks to Dean C. Robert Carlson for proposing this conference seven years ago and supporting the development of the conference and the Real-Time Communications Labs. Thanks to the excellent support of the SAT staff, Scott Pfeiffer, Cathy Foss, Jeremy Hajek, Maria Kozi-O’Donnell, and Pam Stella.

3 3 Carol Davids © 2010 Co-ordinators and Planning Committee Planning Committee Warren Bent Tom Costello Dennis Goodhart Barbara Kemp Anup Manchanda Don Monte Maureen Stillman Rita Gaskins Richard Box Don Monte Rajeev Ranjan Conference Co-ordinators Tom Costello Nadine Filipiak Track Chairs Warren Bent Mike Paradise Jack Kozik Dennis Goodhart Anup Manchanda Rajeev Ranjan Samantha Kane Bill MacKay Maureen Stillman

4 4 Carol Davids © 2010 Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors! Platinum Plus: Verizon Platinum: Acme Packet, AT&T, Comcast, Google, Motorola Solutions, NEC, RedSky, Gold: Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Conveyant, MacSource, Siemens, TDS, Teleprime Silver: Advanced Network Devices, Aerotek, Cisco, Global Knowledge, IDRank Security, IP Network Consulting, Resource Partners Group, Inc., SNOM

5 5 Carol Davids © 2010 Thanks to our Organizational Sponsors! ClueCon IEEE IMS Forum NENA NGN Forum SIP Forum TechAmerica

6 6 Carol Davids © 2010 Thanks to our Media Sponsors! B/OSS Billing and OSS World Communications Daily Connected Planet Connected World Crossfire Consulting Light Reading No Jitter NRGroup Pipeline

7 7 Carol Davids © 2010 Track Chairs The conference is organized into 8 tracks. Each track with its own chair or co-chairs. They defined the scope of the track and recruited the speakers. Cloud Computing – Anup Manchanda, Teleprime and Jose de Francisco Lopez, Alcatel-Lucent Customer Experience Management – Jack Kozik, Alcatel-Lucent and Mike Paradise, AT&T Emergency Services – Samantha Kane and Bill MacKay, Kane- MacKay Mobility – Rajeev Ranjan, Juniper, Maureen Stillman, Mission-Critical Wireless Policy and Regulatory – Warren Bent, InCharge Systems Security – Warren Bent and Dennis Goodhart Unified Communications – Dennis Goodhart Web and Emerging Technologies - Anup Manchanda, Teleprimeand Jose de Francisco Lopez, Alcatel-Lucent

8 8 Carol Davids © 2010

9 9

10 10 Carol Davids © 2010 Feedback Forms CEU feedback form – In order to get Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for attending the conference, you must return these feedback forms. You can give these to the room monitors or leave them at the registration desk. Survey Monkey – A Survey Monkey feedback request will be sent to all attendees. Please mark up you program guides or use other means to remember things about which you would like to comment.

11 11 Carol Davids © 2010 Time Keeping We have a very full agenda. The chair people and moderators of the sessions and panels have been asked to hold fast to the times assigned to each speakers so that no speaker is cut short because another talk ran into extra innings.

12 12 Carol Davids © 2010 Special Meeting Rooms The Green Room – Room 138: For speakers, panelists and chairs is the Campus Board Room in Room 138. The Media Room – Rom 123: For the press and on-line media to interview speakers and where companies will make announcements available is Room 123. The Conversation Room, with comfortable chairs and lighting is Room 141. This is a good place to go to read in comfort or to have a casual conversation.

13 13 Carol Davids © 2010 Notes Updates: The latest program is included in your conference bag. Demos: There are live demos at some exhibitor booths as well as in the RTC Lab, Room 255 and in the corridor outside the lab. To schedule a demo, visit the IIT table in the Atrium. Poster Sessions: There are poster sessions in the corridor outslde the lab, second floor, Room 255. IIT Table: Student resumes; schedule to see a demo or get a lab tour Networking Reception: following the last session each day Sponsor booths: Be sure to visit our sponsors booths

14 14 Carol Davids © 2010 Real-Time Communications We changed the name of the lab this year – from VoIP – to Real-Time Communications The new name reflects the seismic changes taking place in our world and in our lab Streaming-media applications and services are replacing older versions of themselves and making new modes of communication possible Modes that are being driven and created by the imagination and expectations of people who now have the Internet at their fingertips An Internet that is delivered on mobile smart phones and wrapped in the Web’s GUI Interface. Every aspect of our lives is changing under this pressure – the markets, shopping, banking, dating, gaming, travel, government, politics, and religion The bases on which our society rest are shifting and new ways of doing all the things we already do – and new things to do are in constant development. Sometimes the possibilities are more easily seen by the new users of the technology than by the engineers and businesses that bring them into being. The role that social media have played in bringing about social change is particularly dramatic this year.

15 15 Carol Davids © 2010 Real-Time Communications The process is undamped – it feeds on itself. As we develop new modes of communication and innovation – we apply them. So the rate of change itself increases. We are in a very productive period – and that period is reflected in our speakers as well as in our lab projects. Existing VoIP technologies have matured and we are discussing how to –Shift the basis for emergency services –Develop unified and cloud communications. –Deliver the mobile Internet reliably and at a reasonable price. –Secure these new services in appropriate ways Web technologies have also matured and we are increasingly using the web to deliver services and applications – as a new transport layer The web has provided the on-ramp to the Internet and now web developers as well as the growing numbers of people with Internet access are demanding new applications and new and more efficient ways to develop them.

16 16 Carol Davids © 2010 Real-Time Communications Many do not distinguish between The Internet and the Web that is carried on top of the Internet That does not prevent them from participating in the use and development of its apps and services. The situation reminds me of a children’s story, The Beginning of the Armadillo, by Rudyard Kipling. In it, the tortoise and the hedgehog develop ways to look and act like each other in order to avoid being eaten by a young jaguar whose wise mother is teaching him to distinguish between them. The hedgehog learns to swim – and in so doing, his spines start to look like the plates on the tortoise’s shell. The tortoise learns to curl himself into a ball – and in so doing his scales start to separate and stand up like the spines of the hedgehog. In the end, both have changed, and we see -- the beginning of the armadillo. So, we will not re-name the lab the Armadillo, but we will think about it. Enjoy the conference - the talks – the demos – and – as my Mother would have said – “Learn things!”

17 17 Carol Davids © 2010 The armadillo

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