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Workshop for New Nurse Investigators Audrey Nelson (Tampa) Gail Powell-Cope (Tampa) Kate Bent (Wash DC)

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1 Workshop for New Nurse Investigators Audrey Nelson (Tampa) Gail Powell-Cope (Tampa) Kate Bent (Wash DC)

2 Background Education/Training needs assessment conducted with nurse researchers We selected 4 high priority topics, which we will present efficiently in about 20-25 minutes each

3 Outline Building a Program of Research (A. Nelson) 25 minutes Evidence-Based Mentoring (G. Powell-Cope) 20 minutes Practical Tips for Developing a Research Budget (A. Nelson) 15 minutes Update on NRI and Tips for Successful Submission (K. Bent) 20 minutes Q&A: (All) 10 minutes

4 Building a Program of Nursing Research Audrey Nelson, PhD, RN, FAAN Director, Patient Safety Research Center, Tampa VA Email: Web Site:

5 Group Activity Take 1 minute to write down your program of research.

6 Overview 1.What is a program of research? 2.How does one select a program of research? 3.Value-Added in Building a Program of Research 4.Shifting your focus when “opportunity knocks” 5.Markers of Success

7 #1: What is a “Program of Research” ? Cohesive approach to sequencing a series of research studies to efficiently and effectively build new knowledge.

8 #2: Selecting a “Program of Research” In an area of great interest to you (lifetime commitment) Area of Expertise Track Record (common thread of work accomplished to date?) Available On-Site Resources (Expertise, Labs, Existing Research Team)

9 #2: Selecting a “Program of Research” (cont) Topic needs to be a fit with operational goals Broad enough to be cross cutting Narrow enough to be manageable Fundable

10 Examples of Nursing Research Programs (mid-level researcher) Too Broad Chronic Care Patient Outcomes Too Narrow Intermittent Catheterization in SCI On Target Safe Patient Mobility Safe Transitions from Hospital to Home Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in SCI

11 Breadth of Program of Research Junior Researchers should be more focused, with narrower program of research, avoiding hopping around with a series of disjointed studies Mid Level Researchers begin to broaden research, refine focus; may “re-invent” Senior Level– research area becomes larger, with depth in some areas– applied to broader array of patient groups, settings, etc.

12 My Program of Research Patient Safety for Persons with Disabilities Wheelchair Falls Pressure Ulcers Wandering

13 #3: Value Added/Benefits What is the “value added” in developing a program of research opposed to a series of unrelated studies?

14 #3: Value Added Personal Value Added Increase chances of getting funded Focused Expertise (evidence of knowledge depth) Professional Value Added Contribute to Science of Nursing Contribute to Nursing Practice Organizational Value Added Contribute to Nursing Service Contribute to Organization Mission Quality of Care

15 #4: Shifting your focus when “opportunity knocks” The best laid plans do not always work Know when to Hold Know when to Fold Know when to “modify” or “reframe/ re-invent”

16 #5: Markers of Success Think of a gifted nurse scientist you know and think about what makes them “successful”

17 Milestones of Success 1.Nationally known in their field of study 2.Well funded and proposals build one upon another to systematically contribute to science; solve problems that are important; research transcends a single discipline 3.Scholarly, with high quality/quantity manuscripts in top notch journals; Articles are cited frequently by others 4.Evidence of research findings changing the way people think or practice 5.Highly visible nationally (leadership roles, research presentations, press) 6.Instrumental in training new generation of researchers 7.Creative in using research to change practice 8.Scope of impact of research findings on veterans’ health care.

18 Group Activity Based on this brief discussion, how would you change the way you would characterize your program of research? Too broad or too narrow? Pass the “Elevator Test” ? Match with organizational goals/priorities? Tie together all your work in a cohesive way?

19 Never underestimate the ability of a small group of committed individuals to change the world…. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Meade

20 The End….. (Audience applauds wildly)

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