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The Keys to successful American Sign Language Usage.

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1 The Keys to successful American Sign Language Usage

2 Classifiers Descriptive Classifiers (DCL) Semantic Classifiers (SCL) Locative Classifiers (LCL) Plural Classifiers (PCL) Instrument Classifiers (ICL) Body Classifiers/Mime (BCL) Bodypart Classifiers (BPCL) Element Classifier (ECL)

3 Vital Signs (ASL Story)

4 Classifier Notes Please take notes from this powerpoint When we are done you will put these in your notebook and practice them each type of classifier

5 1. Descriptive Classifiers (DCL) They describe a person or object What is being described is italicized and in quotation marks DCL:B (or bent B) "extremely tall" DCL:B (or bent B) "short" DCL:4 "long hair" DCL:1 "bulletin board" DCL:1 "black board" DCL:4 (claw) “freckles" DCL:4 "striped" DCL:G "thin" DCL:4 (claw) "curly hair" "short""short"

6 Semantic Classifiers (SCL) Represent categories of nouns. For example, people or vehicles. Handshape is given followed by information about specific movement italicized and in quotation marks SCL:1 (person) "walking fast" SCL:1 (person) "person walks to...____" SCL:3 (car) "drives to____" SCL:Y (fat person) "waddling" SCL:bent-V “row of chairs”

7 Locative Classifiers (LCL) Representing an object in a specific place (and sometimes indicating movement) Handshape is given, followed by spatial or locative information italicized and quotation marks. Sometimes indicate movement LCL:C/LCL:B "place cup on napkin" LCL:5 "leaf floating to the ground" LCL:1 (sticks) "one here-one here" LCL:B "shelf" (over to the right) LCL:1 "goal-posts" (2h)LCL:L "adjust a picture"

8 Plural Classifier (PCL) Plural classifiers sign indicating either specific number or non-specific number PCL:2 "two people walking" PCL:4 "long line of people" PCL:4 "people moving in line" PCL: 5 "hordes of _____." Often called "scads of." PCL:V "people seated in a circle" "

9 Instrument Classifiers (ICL) Instrument classifiers sign in which part of the body (usually hands) manipulates an object ICL "driving" ICL "hammer in a nail" ICL "play checkers" ICL "play chess" ICL "light match" ICL (broom) ICL "sweep" ICL (water) ICL "pour in" ICL (garbage) ICL "dump out" ICL (wash-clothes) ICL "hang up"

10 Body Classifiers/Mime (BCL) You use your body to "act out" or "role play." Sometimes this is like "mime." Other times you just show the action (or interaction) that is going on. Often this involves "role shifting”. "yawn" "acting tough" "give hug to child" "running hard/pumping arms" "wave to crowd" "listen for strange noise"

11 Bodypart classifiers (BPCL) Body part classifier sign represent a specific part of your body is doing an action (2h)BPCL:F "look at" BPCL:1 "cross legs" BPCL “tap foot" BPCL "use gesture looking up" BPCL:L "red face" shy BPCL:B "mouth frowning"

12 Element Classifiers (ELC) Signs representing an element of the earth, such as rain, wind/smoke/gas, fire, and light. These are usually made with either the 5-handshape or the 1-handshape ECL:5 “waterfall” ECL:1 “lightning”

13 Vital Signs (Classifiers)

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