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Bent’s Fort A Meeting Of Cultures. Looking to the East.

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1 Bent’s Fort A Meeting Of Cultures


3 Looking to the East

4 Outside Bent’s Fort

5 Arkansas River Looking Out From the Bastion

6 Cart

7 Outside Bent’s Fort

8 Group Outside the Fort

9 Flag

10 The Fort Dentist and Tour Guide

11 Corner of the Plaza

12 Buffalo Hide Press

13 Close-up of the Buffalo Hide Press

14 Stretching a Hide

15 Side of Courtyard

16 Looking at the stairs in the Plaza

17 Pelts at the Small Trade Room

18 Council Room

19 Trade Room

20 Trade Goods

21 Trade Room

22 Supplies in the General Store

23 Beads, Rope, & China

24 Mirrors, Scissors, & Cloth

25 Water Biscuits & Earrings

26 Blankets,Pipes, Hats, & Buttons

27 Candle Molds, Tin Cups, & Boots

28 Military Coats,Shirts, & Other Clothing

29 Sugar Cones, Fish Hooks, Yarn

30 Some of the Goods Traded

31 Fireplace in the Dining Room

32 Dining Room

33 Kitchen

34 Living Quarters

35 Saint Vrain’s Quarters

36 Hide With a Winter Count

37 William Bent Clothes

38 Native American Seats

39 Blacksmith Shop

40 The Carpenter Shop

41 The Corral

42 Powder Magazine

43 Military Quarters

44 Military Supplies

45 More Military Supplies

46 Traders Furs

47 Traders Storage Room

48 Billiard Room

49 Special Thanks To Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site National Geographic Education Foundation Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education Oklahoma Historical Society Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

50 Created By Betty Keim & Paula Haight

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