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Bent Polishing Tutorial ≠ Good Bent Night-Before Bent.

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1 Bent Polishing Tutorial ≠ Good Bent Night-Before Bent

2 Starting Out - Supplies Metal files –Available from Home Depot, Lowes, etc.. ($5- 10 for a set of several) –Check out from office These are old and might not file as fast or as well Sand Paper –Range of grits from ~60 to 600 Brasso –Available in the office Newspaper/old rags Steel wool

3 Step 1: Preparing Your Workspace Filing metal will produce metal shavings… Put old newspaper or something down so you don’t make a mess Wash your hands when you’re done You might want to wear old clothes as well

4 Step 2: Filing Begin filing with your largest file in a single direction Continue in that direction until all scratches are aligned in that direction DO NOT FILE TOO HARD!!!! Change directions 90° Continue filing until all scratches are now in that direction… Time to move on to step 3!

5 Step 3: Sandpaper Start with low grit (~180), anything lower than that will leave scratches Same method as for filing Increase grit with every change of direction up to about 600 grit

6 Step 4: Finishing Touches Brasso and Steel wool are the last steps in the process Steel wool can be used before or after brasso to add shine Come to the office, borrow the brasso, take it outside, and rub it on with an old cloth or t-shirt –Make sure to rub it in quite well Rub off the brasso with a dry cloth or shirt

7 More on Step 4 This is a very important step Using a cloth or newspaper, keep repeating this step over and over to get rid of dullness and very small scratches After this step, your bent should look almost as if it is made of gold and have a nice shine Once you finish this step, find an old sock or cloth to carry your bent around in to prevent scratching

8 Additional Tips Ask questions and advice Start work early Contact current members for advice If you think it is physically possible for it to improve… keep working If you can’t see yourself in it… keep working Some chapters suggest using windex as a final step You can, under no circumstances, use any form of mechanical assistance such as grinders or polishers Maintain the original shape of the bent as best you can!

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