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Microfluidics Mixing Chamber.

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1 Microfluidics Mixing Chamber

2 Where? / With Whom? Intro to Project Proposal How?

3 Micro-Fabrication Facility (MFF)
Dr. Michael Khbeis Kristopher Lawler Andy Lingley Class cleanroom -> Class 100 11,500 sq ft of wet & dry lab space Photolithography Nanolithography Dry Etch PVD CVD Thermal processing Metrology

4 How is microfluidic mixing different?
[5] Turbulent Laminar

5 Reynolds Number[2] Re = (ρ * V * L) / mu Dimensionless measure of the ratio of inertia force to viscous force Inertial forces = density (ρ) * velocity (V) * gradient of the velocity (dV/dx) Viscous forces = dynamic viscosity coefficient (μ) * second gradient of the velocity (d2V/dx2) High Reynolds numbers - turbulent mixing Low Reynolds numbers - mixing relies on diffusion 0.1 = (1000kg/m3 * m * 0.001m/s) [1] 0.001Ns/m2

6 Passive Microfluidic Mixers[1]
Lamination Intersecting Channels Zigzag Channels Three-Dimensional Serpentine Structures Embedded Barriers Slanted Wells Surface-Chemistry Technology in Microchannels

7 Laminar mixing [1] Diffusion limited Takes time and distance

8 Intersecting and Zigzag Channels
[1] [1]

9 Three-Dimensional Serpentine Structures and Grooves

10 Embedded Barriers [4]

11 Hong Chamber [6]

12 Questions?

13 [7]


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