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BEST PRACTICES 2014 BEST PRACTICES 2014. About P2S Established in 1985 as SERV-TECH a specialty contractor. Purchased by Phillip Service Corporation.

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3 About P2S Established in 1985 as SERV-TECH a specialty contractor. Purchased by Phillip Service Corporation in March 1997 and became PSC. Purchased by Fluor in March 2003 and became P2S. Purchased by Fuel Streamers in 2010. Purchased by Criner Salt Dome in 2011 and maintained P2S name.

4 Where we are located Baton Rouge, LA Lake Charles, LA Paramount, CA Deer Park, TX Stafford, TX Salt Lake City, UT

5 Safety Performance Safety Statistics: (Q1 2014) 2011 TRIR = 0.39 2012 TRIR = 0.21 2013 TRIR = 0.00 2014 TRIR = 0.00 739 Days since the Last Recordable 1,882,837 Man-hours since the Last Recordable

6 CORE P2S Services

7 Decommissioning Selective equipment removal Equipment relocation Asset Recovery Market evaluations Equipment appraisals Network of brokers Metals recovery Demolition in Active Production Area Rapid response to emergency plant shutdowns Extensive knowledge of working refineries & petrochemical plants in operating units Safety Council Certified Personnel trained to work safely and efficiently Demolition, Dismantling and Asset Recovery Services 18 years without recordable injury Demolition of a 120’ Storage Tank Acid (Alky) Unit Demolition Project

8 Demolition, Dismantling and Asset Recovery Services Relocation Services Demolition of large can heater Removal of floating roof from inside tank

9 General Contracting Services Specialist in FCCU, crude, vacuum, coker, alkylation and olefins unit turnarounds: - Turnaround Planning and Scheduling Services - Specialty Exchanger Technology – FastDraw® and FastClean® Tower and Vessel Services including nozzle repairs - Mechanical and Equipment Modifications and Repair - Fabrication and Field Installation - Furnace Repair and Maintenance - Hydro-blasting Services - Civil and Structural Modifications, Heavy Rigging - Structural Steel and Piping Removal and Replacement Management of Additional Turnaround Services Compressor and Pump Repair Insulation and Refractory Repair Scaffolding Catalyst Replacement Support Post Weld Heat Services Painting Instrumentation / Electrical Environmental Services Cleaning and Water Recirculation Services Specialty Turnaround Services 3 years without recordable injury

10 Exchanger Services P2S has provided a full range of exchanger maintenance services since 1985: FastDraw ® AND Aerial FastDraw ® Heat exchangers (as large as 23 tons) can be extracted in under an hour Reduce down-time of exchangers at the Client’s facilities by cutting extraction time by 80% Reduce safety hazards and damage to bundle tubes FastClean ® Replaces conventional hand-held hydro blasting methods Latest technology with spinning tips Can replace the use of 8 conventional blasters and 24 workers for a single job Reduces cleaning time as much as 75%

11 Multiple heater and boiler projects executed annually Ethylene Crackers Reformers-Methanol & Hydrogen EPC Crackers Boilers HRSGs & SCRs Process & Waste Heat Recovery Systems Combustion Air Pre-heating Systems Over 1,500 ASME code approved procedures Overlays & vessel repairs Towers and vessels All types of tower internal repairs Level II & III and API 570, 510 inspectors Unfired Pressure Vessels A UPNB S Power Boilers Boiler Field Assembly Power Piping Registration Repairs & Alterations R National Board & ASME Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Code Stamps Welding and Furnace Field Services 9 Years without a recordable injury 40+ years experience of performing alloy welding and heater services – weld rejection rating is less than 2% (2010-Present)

12 External and internal tower repairs, retro-fit and modifications Expertise in tower blinding, tunneling, re- traying, bubble-cap repairs and tray modifications Vessel and drum internal repairs Cleaning for inspection Internal surface crack repairs Manual weld overlay Nozzle repairs and replacements Pressure vessel modifications Pump replacement Piping, valves and general boilermaker services Tower, Vessel and General Mechanical Services

13 OTHER P2S SERVICES  Planning/Scheduling  Construction Services  Project Experience  Mechanical Services  Fabrication, Piping and Welding  QA/QC  Project Management

14 Best Practices Bid/No Bid Process (can we do the work safely) Commercial Review (contract) Operations Review (how will project be executed) Staffing Plan (who will do the work) Site Specific Safety Plan (reviewed with project team) Injury Prevention (Stop Work Authority and Hazard Elimination) Case Management (Only use Occupational Doctors) Light Duty worker program Corporate Participation (site visits, safety funding, etc)

15 Best Practices Continued : Mentoring Program Short Service Program (New Employee Development) Safety Audits Training (includes P2S web based training) Workforce Development - National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) - Training (crafts, leadership and safety) - Local Safety Council Participation

16 Hire Process All application done in person. Must complete drug and alcohol test as a condition of employment. Must complete medical questionnaire. Skill levels are verified on the job. Must successfully complete P2S orientations, basic plus, and sites specific training before reporting to the project. Issued General Information and Safety Rules Handbook

17 Required Training Basic Plus 28 ModulesP2S Orientation. Sites Specific Fork Truck Excavator Torch Cutting Rigging Customized online P2S training 24/7 Safety Leadership for Supervisors

18 P2S 24/7 Online Training Program

19 HSE Management System Permits STA Equipment Inspection Tool Inspections Hazard Elimination Training Disciplinary Action Adopt –A- Crew Mentors


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