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Cooking Equipment By Megan and Nathan.

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1 Cooking Equipment By Megan and Nathan

2 Grater The grater is a piece of kitchen equipment used to grate food into finer pieces. It was invented by François Boullier.

3 Scales Scales are a piece of weighing equipment that you use to measure the quantity of food.

4 Whisk There are 4 different kinds of whisk:- balloon whisk ,flat whisk ,rotary whisk and hand held electric whisk, they are used to blend food together.

5 Pipe Pipe is a process, it is when you squeeze a piping bag to force a paste like mixture through the tip to decorate and create different shapes

6 Nozzle A nozzle is the piece that goes into the piping bag when you decorate a cake, it is the piece that makes the different shapes

7 Sieve A sieve is a very fine mesh that sieves the dry food e.g. flour and icing sugar. It get rid of lumps and can trap air to make the product lighter.

8 Vegetable knife A small knife used for trimming, peeling and shaping vegetables or cutting small food items.

9 Vegetable peeler A useful tool to remove thin layers of skin from vegetables, e.g. potatoes, or firm fruit, e.g. apples.

10 Wooden spoon A wooden spoon is a tool used to stir food that is in a bowl or pot.

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