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Optimization For Existing Tilting Pan Filters Metalcraft.

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1 Optimization For Existing Tilting Pan Filters Metalcraft

2 2

3 Metalcraft – Located in Tampa Florida 3

4 Metalcraft Metalcraft Manufacturing 4

5 Metalcraft Services Filter Pans 5

6 Metalcraft Car Frame 6

7 Metalcraft Bearing Pedestals 7

8 Level Track 8

9 Metalcraft Services Installation of New Filter Components 9

10 Metalcraft Services 10

11 11

12 12

13 Optimization for Existing Tilting Pan Filters 13

14 Reliability / Mission Time RELIABILITY speaks of intended function over time. MISSION TIME is critical to maximize acid production 14

15 Filter Mission Times Maintenance turnaround to turnaround Down day to down day (PM the filter) Scheduled wash cycle to wash cycle Scheduled cloth change out to cloth change out 15

16 Wash Cycle to Wash Cycle Mission Times Acid production is critical Interval times are critical 16

17 Cloth Change Mission Times Acid production is critical Intervals - Most Critical 17

18 Filter Performance Optimization This is mechanical approach for existing tilting pan filters, offering increased mechanical reliability and increased recovery of P₂O₅. Results are, a reduction in maintenance costs and increased production dollars. 18

19 Objectives for Filter Optimization Increase acid production Minimize dilution Increase P₂O₅ recovery Lower maintenance costs / Increase mission times Improve cloth cleaning efficiencies 19

20 Filter Optimization Step 1 Initial operational and maintenance benchmarks established. A detailed study and mapping of the filter is completed. 20

21 All aspects of the filter and its parts are measured 21

22 Filter Optimization Step 2 Measured data is integrated into the modeling software. Study of the filter in the “as found” condition begins. 22

23 23

24 Filter Optimization Step 3 The filter is accurately modeled in its optimized condition. Demonstrates the recommended changes 24

25 Filter Optimization Step 4 Client report submittal, steps planned in harmony with client goals Report includes optimized proposal package. (How can Metalcraft best support changes the client would like to see?) 25

26 Filter Software Modeling – Design – Mapping Process 26

27 Components for Optimizing Existing Tilting Pan Filters Cloth spray headers Cam roller turnovers Enlargement of filtration area (pans) Filter valve timing 27

28 Cloth Spray Headers 28

29 Metalcraft Services Nozzle Placement and Spray Patterns are Critical for Cloth Spray Header Efficiencies 29

30 Cloth Spray Header Optimization Nozzle Design and Efficiency Conflicting Sprays Delivered Flow and Pressure to Header Loop Design with Cleanout 30

31 Nozzle Design and Geometry Vee Jet Flat Jet 31

32 s Address cleaning for all areas of the pan - Corners 32

33 Typical Cloth Spray Header Installation 33

34 Metalcraft Services Cam Turnover Sections 34

35 Cam Turnover Designed for accurate and simple field adjustment Assures proper operation 35

36 Metalcraft Services uses modeling software for both detailed design work and problem solving. 36

37 3 D Modeling Cloth Spray Evaluation 3 D Modeling 37

38 38

39 39

40 40

41 41

42 42

43 43

44 44

45 45

46 46

47 47

48 48

49 49

50 50

51 Increased Filtration Area 51

52 Increased Filtration Area Considering new pans for an existing filter? Build them with additional filtration area! 52

53 Filtration Area Increased to 13.92 s/m Filtration Area Increased.46 s/m Per Pan 53

54 Optimization for the Central Valve Is the valve timed correctly? Is dilution being addressed? Are wash and feed boxes located correctly to maximize filter efficiency 54

55 Central Valve 55

56 Optimization of Central Valve Adjustment / Repair of compartment baffles Replace Seal and Wear Plates Machining of Poly Ring and Timing Crown surfaces in place 56

57 Metalcraft Services 57

58 MCS 4/2010Metalcraft Services of Tampa MCS 4/22/2010 Filter Performance Optimization Results 58

59 Tilting Pan Filter Project Success – Example 1 Production and Down Time Cost Savings Savings of $0.9 Million per Year Recovery of 3500 Tons of Phosphoric Acid Per Year Reduced Cloth Usage and Overtime Cloth Changes 59

60 Tilting PanFilter Project Success – Example 2 Production and Down Time Cost Savings Reduction of Filter Down Time Per Month Increase P₂O₅ Recovery Overall Filter Improvement Annual Savings - $2.2 Million Per Year 60

61 Other Filter Components for Optimization Car Frames Bearing Pedestals Level Tracks 61

62 Car Frames Heavy Duty T316L Stainless Steel Design integrated Wear Track – Minimal wear to bottom flange of the frame 62

63 Improved Joint Design For Car Frames 63

64 Car Frame Bull Gears Integral Bull Gear bolts directly to the frame 64

65 Filter Pans in Progress 65

66 Objectives for Filter Optimization Increased acid production Minimize dilution Increase P₂O₅ recovery Lower maintenance costs / Increased Mission Times Improved cloth cleaning efficiencies 66

67 METALCRAFT Leading with Vision 67

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