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Advanced 3D Printer Group EE 400D Meron Reda Lennon Nguyen Brian Calinaya Peter Flores Moheb Youssef.

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1 Advanced 3D Printer Group EE 400D Meron Reda Lennon Nguyen Brian Calinaya Peter Flores Moheb Youssef

2 OVERVIEW Extruder Carriage – Meron Reda & Peter Flores Resolution Increase – Peter Flores Air Scrubber Solution – Lennon Nguyen & Brian Calinaya

3 presenting Extruder Carriage Solution EE 400D Peter Flores


5 The Problem Extruder Carriage is prone to melt when extruding ABS plastic Currently made out of PLA plastic (Melting Point: 190° C)

6 What is an extruder carriage? Extruder has two parts: hot and cold end Cold end feeds the ABS or PLA plastic Hot end contains the pointed nozzle which melts and extrudes the plastic to be printed The extruder carriage is all of these parts together with the axis

7 Requirements Design an extruder carriage that is under $50, can be assembled in a timely manner (2 weeks), does not melt (can’t exceed 250° C), and does not affect the operation of the printer. Needs to be a material with high heat resistance and low thermal conductivity

8 Ideas Buy new carriage via Ebay, RepRap vendors, etc. Moving the hot end of the extruder from the center to the side Using a different material such as acrylic or plywood or ABS

9 Buying New Extruder Carriage $15.00 via Ebay + shipping PROS PreMade CONS Paying for carriage Modifications on current printer

10 Remounting Extruder Carriage PROS No need for new printed parts CONS Requires complete overhaul Unsure if reconfiguration will guarantee no melting

11 Our Solution Working with Steven and Sirac and the 3D Printer Club to create a new carriage using ABS plastic Material: ABS Plastic Filament - 1.75 mm Cost: $0 – 20 Deadline: Monday 10/15

12 presenting 3D Printer Resolution Peter Flores

13 Requirements Increase the print quality Cost Under $50 Use parts that are ubiquitous Reduce and minimize chance of backlash Assembly Time: 2 weeks

14 Backlash Backlash is the amount of clearance that is given between two connected pieces Theoretically want zero backlash however backlash must be present to prevent jamming, allow for lubrication, manufacturing errors, etc. © Wikimedia Commons Must use a belt/pulley combination that allows for minimum backlash!!!

15 Belts For the 3D Printer, it is ideal to have a belt that is designed for linear motion Most Commonly Used Belts – T5 (European) – T2.5 – MXL (Imperial) – GT2 (State-of-the-Art)

16 Pulleys Best performance requires at least 6 teeth to be in contact Practically must be achieved 18 – 24 teeth Smaller Pulley will give more torque and, therefore, more resolution

17 Our Choice – GT2

18 Various GT2 Kits PartsWebsiteUnit Price QuantityTotal Timing Belt and Pulley GT2 Kit (recommended on Professor Hill’s presentation) m/content/timing- belt-pulley-gt2-kit $36.001 OR GT2 Pulley and Belt Set http://store.trinitylab belt-set/ $30.001

19 Brian Calinaya Lennon Nguyen presenting Portable Air Scrubber EE 400D

20 Requirements Design an air scrubber that eliminates all toxic fumes and smells. Must be under length, width, height: 24x24x24. The cost must not exceed $200. Be completed in under 4 weeks.

21 Design

22 Design Cont.

23 Materials Qty.ProductSourcePrice Each Price Total 6 OPTIX 23.75 in. x 47.75 in. Clear Acrylic Light Panel Home Depot$9.76$58.56 1 Bondo Home Solutions 1 qt. All-Purpose Fiberglass Resin Home Depot $14.97 31 1/2" x 1 3/4" Clear Acrylic Hinge catid=597 $0.87$2.61 1Door HandlePrint from 3-D Printer$0.00 1 Economy 2 in. Chip Brush 100626098/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=- 1&keyword=Economy+2+in.+Chip+Brush&storeId=10051#.U Gk6DJh6tWw $1.15 1 NIDEC Gamma 30 Gamma30 BALL BEARING SERVER FAN BLOWER BALL-BEARING-SERVER-FAN-BLOWER-/270268160789 $5.00 4 80x25mm Ever Lubricate Bearing PC Computer Case Fan w/ LP4 Connector Computer-Connector-FANBOX2/dp/B000050ZTQ $8.31$33.24 1 GE Carbon Replace Filter 2-Pack Pack-FXWTC/100034332/ $11.48 1 RIDGID 1-7/8 in. Expandable Hose Hose-VT1721/203235217/ $19.97 1 Gorilla Glue or similar 4fl oz. purpose-adhesive-50004.html#.UGk5RJh6tWw $6.47 Total:$153.45

24 Estimated build time The acrylic case should take about one to two weeks to build. The filter and tubing should take two-three days. Testing dead zones and fans should take about a week.

25 Testing We will be testing dead zones with thermometers. We will place fans according to where it’s too hot in the casing. We will test which fans can suck in efficient amount of air.

26 Further Testing We built a prototype of your filter using PC fans, PVC pipes and raw carbon. We found it to be effective In eliminating most of the fumes that were emitted from burning plastic.

27 Testing Demonstration v


29 The End

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