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Northwest Copper Works, Inc. Disc Spring Technology, LLC – Presentation DST Members: Bart Makadia, P.E. James Taylor Klaus Redmann Portland, Or August.

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1 Northwest Copper Works, Inc. Disc Spring Technology, LLC – Presentation DST Members: Bart Makadia, P.E. James Taylor Klaus Redmann Portland, Or August 16, 2013 Disc Spring Technology, LLC1

2 Why are we here today? Design Support on Pipe Stress Analysis for ASME Code Compliance and resulting Nozzle Load Reductions. Principal Discussion of DST - Pipe Stress Solutions Introduction of DST – Stress Engineering Tools Cost Savings and improvement of Safety Margin. Disc Spring Technology, LLC 2

3 DST - Introduction 3 Disc Spring Technology, LLC DST was founded in 2006 in Richland, WA LLC Corporate Structure with 4 Members Bharat Makadia, PE - Pressure Vessel and ASME Code Expert Kirk Leonardi, Pipe Stress Analysis Senior Engineer James Taylor, Pipe Support & Stress Analysis Senior Engineer Klaus Redmann- RQES, Inc. President – ASQC Certified Engineer

4 4 Disc Spring Support Patent # US 7,918,432 B2 granted on April 5, 2011 US Patent Application in February of 2007 Disc Spring Technology, LLC

5 Conventional Helical Coil Support Equal Loads While Consuming 50% Less Space DST – Disc Spring Support Disc Spring Technology, LLC5

6 6 DST - Advantages over Helical Spring Supports Large Loads / Small Movements – 200,000 lbs. / 0.03 inch DST has engineered over 1,100 different spring support models, supporting loads from 50 to 50,000 lbs., and movements of 0 to ¾ inches for both carbon and stainless steel supports. The working range for a DST Springs Support is 45% to 85% maximum compression. However, for safety and durability, DST springs are deigned for 100% compression without being overstressed. By the use of Belleville washers, a compact design warrants clear advantages in limited space, such as under pump flanges and plate and frame heat exch. There is up to a 50% reduction in nozzle loads when using the DST Spring Support. Each support is tested and certified prior to installation. Equipment safety is improved. DST Spring Supports can be made of corrosion resistant materials / stainless & nickel alloys, glass coating, etc. Equipment service and down-time are reduced. Maintenance Cost are reduced. Change load capacity, spring rates and/or movement without replacing the entire support. Lateral loading is minimized since the load column is guided.

7 . 7 Disc Spring Technology, LLC Pipelines & Pipe Bridge / Rack Steam Lines / Pressure Vessels / Boilers Piggy-back Heat Exchangers Rotating Equipment o Pumps o Turbines o Compressors o Blowers Compact Process Skid Units Technical Requirements: o Meeting Vendor requirements o Regulatory Code Compliance, API, ASME, UBC, etc. o Government Agency Compliance, OSHA, EPA, WISHA etc. DST Applications

8 8 Disc Spring Technology, LLC Advantages: Pipeline, Pipe Bridge / Rack During lift-off situations, the DST - Spring Support will stay in constant contact with the pipeline throughout the system’s thermal range. Its compact design allows the spring to be retrofit into spaces that would normally be too small and not suitable for conventional helical spring supports. Lift-off loads are not transmitted to the equipment.

9 Disc Spring Technology, LLC9 Advantages: Load Sensitive Equipment The loads at the flanges are minimized substantially during start up as well as daily cyclic operation Less stress at the nozzle reducing fatigue & maintenance. Misalignment is minimized. Lift-off loads within the piping system are not transmitted to the equipment. Downward thermal growth is controlled reducing stress on the pump nozzle, effectively increasing the life of the equipment. A proper seal at the flange can be maintained. Flange maintenance is virtually eliminated.

10 10 Disc Spring Technology, LLC Advantages: Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers DST Spring Supports reduce the nozzle load reactions imposed on the heat exchanger helping to meet ASME code requirements for allowable nozzle loads. Fatigue & maintenance are minimized. DST Spring Supports add flexibility to the piping system reducing the overall load at the exchanger’s nozzles. Cyclic thermal growth is controlled maintaining a proper seal at the flange. The compact height allows placement under the heat exchanger’s lower nozzles.

11 Advantages: Stacked Heat Exchangers DST Disc Spring Supports are designed and sized to support the weight of the exchanger and eliminate thermal loads on the close coupled inter connecting nozzles. Spring adjustment helps to prevent misalignment problems that arise after fabrication. Installation of the DST Disc Spring Supports assures correct flange bolt torque is maintained throughout the exchanger’s thermal cycle. The proper flange seal is also maintained mitigating maintenance and lengthening the life of the unit. 11Disc Spring Technology, LLC

12 12 Disc Spring Technology, LLC Corrosion Free Spring Support Designs DST Spring Supports have several added features that set it apart from helical coil spring supports. Supports are offered in carbon and stainless steel alloys. The entire spring support (spring and housing) is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel or other suitable alloys making it ideal for combating aggressive corrosive environments like seawater, marine air, or corrosive chemicals. All Supports are provided with guided load columns.

13 Corrosion Failures According to OSHA, “It is estimated that around 15 – 20% of all accidents and around 10 – 15% of all fatal accidents are related to maintenance operations.“ Disc Spring Technology, LLC 13

14 Catastrophic Heat Exchanger Failure Disc Spring Technology, LLC14

15 Disc Spring Technology, LLC 15 Catalog Load Chart/23x5 Standard Sizes

16 16 Disc Spring Technology, LLC Standard Type F Catalog Sizes

17 Disc Spring Technology, LLC 17 Standard Type AT Catalog Sizes

18 Disc Spring Technology, LLC18 SPRING SUPPORT (4 LOCATIONS)

19 Disc Spring Technology, LLC19 SPRING SUPPORT

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