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Line of Products of Rain Pro/LOGIC Lindsay, California.

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1 Line of Products of Rain Pro/LOGIC Lindsay, California

2 RAIN/PRO 500 Series Straight Flow Valve

3 RAIN/PRO Why is the 500 Series Valve the Best? 1. Lowest Pressure Loss in industry 2. Positively operate at any Flow; Low or High Flow 3. Straight Flow thru pattern equates to less clogging due to debris in water 4. “Real” Slow Closing characteristics. Minimizes any potential water hammer due to high flows / high velocity / errors in system design. Minimizes pipe and fitting damage due to fast closing valves. 5. Time tested and Proven design utilizing US Patent# 5.532.465

4 RAIN/PRO Specifications 1. Operating Pressure; 15 psi to 200 psi 2. 1’’ Valve 1GPH – 50 GPM 3. 1 ½’’ Valve 1 GPM – 110 GPM 4. 2’’ Valve 2 GPM – 250 GPM (as much as many 3’’ Valves!) Features 1. Internal Manual Bleed – no water to atmosphere for manual operation 2. All Stainless Steel Components including Flow Control Stem 3. Reinforced Diaphragm 4. 33% Glass Reinforced Nylon Body 5. Brass Inserts with Stainless Steel Bolts for body to bonnet fastening

5 200 Series PVC Valves

6 Why Buy RainPro 200 Series Valves? 1. Time Tested and Proven Design – Millions of these valves with this exact same design have been installed over last 20 plus years around the world. 2. RainPro uses only virgin PVC material. 3. Molded diaphragm is stronger and more durable, less susceptible to tearing and punctures. 4. Internal Manual Bleed. No loose bleed screws to worry about being damaged or lost. 5. High Quality 24VAC Solenoid with captive stainless steel plunger. 6. All Stainless Steel fasteners and components. 7. 11/2’’ and 2’’ designed with both a bottom and side inlet. Plug is provided for unused inlet.

7 200 Series Valves Specifications 1. Operating Pressure: 5 to 150 psi 2. ¾’’ and 1’’ Valve 5 – 30 GPM 3. 11/2’’ Valve 5 – 80 GPM 4. 2’’ Valve 5 – 120 GPM Features 1. ¾’’ and 1’’ Valve Available with or without Flow Control. 2. Valves Available with BSP and NPT Threads. 3. Internal Manual Bleed feature is standard. 4. Excellent resistance to most chemicals used in irrigation applications.

8 RainPro Jar Top Valve

9 Why buy the RainPro Jar Top Valve? 1. The Jar Top Valve is designed to be the easiest valve to service. Important to note that many of competition have big impractical tools to “unscrew” locking ring – maybe not so easy to service!. Reason is that “dissimilar” materials need to be used for the two materials so that the threaded body and threaded locking ring don’t meld together over time. The RainPro locking ring is a dissimilar material that will always be relatively easy to remove for easy servicing of valve. 2. Diaphragm is molded, therefore stronger and better and more resistant to developing holes and / or tearing. 3. Captive manual bleed lever. No chance of loosing the “non”-captive manual bleed screw found on some competitors.

10 Jar Top Valve Specifications 1. Recommended Flow: 5 to 30 GPM 2. Pressure Operating Range is 15 to 125 psi 3. Available with ¾’’ and 1’’ inch female threaded connections and 1’’ slip connections Features 1. Glass filled nylon bonnet and locking ring 2. Virgin PVC body 3. Heavy Duty co-molded diaphragm 4. Stainless Steel Spring

11 Telescopic Pop Ups “Work Smarter…Not Harder” at No Additional Cost RainPro is the only source for the highly innovative Telescopic Pop Ups. Patent# 5.163.616 Why Telescopic Pop Ups? Less sprinkler depth = less digging = BIG labor savings for new installations For Retrofit installations, Telescopic assembly slips into existing Rainbird™1804 / 1806 bodies. What would take 15 minutes to install (dig a deeper hole, re-plumb for deeper connection, install new sprinkler, back fill) without the Telescopic Pop Up, now takes 90 seconds! (Remove existing cap, insert assembly, screw on cap) 1804 body = 7’’ of Pop Up height 1806 body = 13’’ of Pop Up height


13 900T Series Telescopic Pop Ups Specifications 1. 907T; minimum 15 psi, max 70 psi 2. 913T; minimum 20 psi, max 70 psi 3. Interchangeable only with Rainbird™ 1800 Series pop up bodies for retrofit 4. Available with check valves (-CKV) 5. Available with Pressure Regulation Device in stem (-PRD) Features 1. Compatible with all industry standard female threaded nozzles 2. Dual pressure activated wiper seals (zero blow-by at 5 psi or more) 3. Dual stainless steel retraction springs 4. Manufactured of ABS material 5. ½’’ female pipe thread inlet

14 900 Series Pop Ups with “CO-Molded” Wiper Seal and integral “Leak Stopper Gasket”

15 Why Buy RainPro 900 Series Pop Ups? 1. Equal to BUT BETTER than Rainbird ™ 1800 Series Pop Ups, all parts interchangeable with Rainbird ™ 1800 Series Pop Ups. Better because the RainPro 900 Series has an integrally molded Leak Stopper Gasket molded between the pop up body and cap, where the Rainbird ™ Pop Up leaks to atmosphere. Rainbird ™ has a hard plastic to hard plastic seal hand tight that leaks. 2. Cap is standard with a co-molded wiper seal that provides long term integrity to wiper seal dimensions and stability to eliminate blow-by at start up and assure positive retraction. Cap is interchangeable with Rainbird ™ 1800 Series Pop Ups. 3. Available with a Check Valve option – “CKV” 4. Available with an integral spring loaded pressure regulating device option in the pop up piston that provides a constant 30 psi output. – “PRD”. 5. Available in 2’’, 3’’, 4’’, 5’’, 6’’ and 12’’ pop up heights. 6. Manufactured of Virgin ABS Material withOUT fillers in all sizes. 7. Compatible with all industry standard female threaded nozzles. 8. Shipped with directional, self sealing flush plug

16 900 Series Pop Ups Specifications 1. Flow-by 0 gpm at 8 psi or greater; 0.09 gpm max at pressures below 8 psi. 2. Pressure Rated 15 to 70 psi Features 1. Flushing at pop down removes any unwanted debris in all soils. 2. Flush Cap seals upon retraction eliminating all unwanted intrusion of all debris. 3. 100% serviceable from the top. 4. Side inlet available on 5’’ and 6’’, 12’’ pop up is standard with side inlet. 5. 5 Year Trade Warrantee

17 HP POP UPS 2’’ and 4’’

18 Why Buy HP Series Pop Ups? 1. Efficient Design for Maximum Value 2. Internally Supported Wiper Seal for long term integrity 3. Standard with Flush Cap installed at factory (can be purchased with Adjustable Arc nozzle pre-installed) 4. Has ability to be flushed prior to installing nozzle (Unlike Hunter PS Series!) 5. Can be serviced from top. 6. Compatible with all industry standard female threaded nozzles 7. Nozzle can be removed to service filter and / or to replace nozzle if clogged or damaged or to change nozzles as plant material water requirements change. Hunter PS Series nozzles are permanently attached and cannot be removed to service the filter / screen, clean nozzle if clogged with debris or change nozzles… (unlike the Hunter PS Series!)!

19 HP Series Pop Ups Specifications 1. Available in 2’’ and 4’’ pop up heights 2. Operating Range is 15 to 70 psi 3. Male Threaded piston accepts all female threaded nozzles 4. ½’’ female threaded inlet 5. Available with optional Check Valve (-CKV) Features 1. Stainless Steel Retraction Spring 2. Ratchet feature for orienting nozzle to desired direction 3. Manufactured of high impact ABS plastic 4. Pressure activated seal minimizes any blow-by at less than 5 psi


21 RAIN/PRO Why RainPro Nozzles? 1. True precise patterns 2. Large droplet size to minimize effects of wind and high system pressure 3. Even Distribution of Water through out pattern 4. All Nozzles are designed with Matched Precipitation Rates so that they can be utilized together on same valve zone and each area will receive same precipitation rate. 5. Available with either Female Threads (Rainbird, Hunter Nelson) or Male Threads (Toro) 6. Wide range of patterns available

22 RAIN/PRO Operating Range 1. Pressure; 15 to 40 psi 2. Optimal Operating Pressure; 30 psi Features 1. Color Coded by Radius for easy identification 2. Shipped with filter / screen to prevent clogging 3. Stainless Steel Adjustment screw on top

23 RAIN/PRO Adjustable Arc Nozzle Performance Charts

24 RAIN/PRO Adjustable Arc Nozzle Performance Charts

25 RAIN/PRO Adjustable Arc Nozzle Performance Charts

26 RAIN/PRO Fixed Arc Nozzle Performance Charts

27 RAIN/PRO Fixed Arc Nozzle Performance Charts

28 RAIN/PRO Fixed Arc Nozzle Performance Charts


30 LogicPLUS Two Wire Controller

31 Two Wire Controller Technology Hit Products is the Pioneer / Innovator of Two Wire Technology developed in the USA Brief History Hit Products has envisioned the advantages of two wire technology for the irrigation industry for over 20 years. The first product introduced using two wire technology was the PRO Code Controller in 1992. In fact it was solar powered, had a remote hand held programmer using infra red technology and utilized DC latching solenoids. Two Wire Control Systems have evolved significantly over the last 10 years to become the unquestioned standard of the industry for irrigation control. Today, LogicPLUS Two Wire technology provides; 80+% Wiring Savings, Self Diagnostic in field trouble shooting, Easy system expansion, Utilizes industry standard 24 VAC solenoids, Standard off the shelf 14 gauge or 18/2 wire, Unlimited teeing and branching of two wire path. Two Wire systems are no more difficult to program or use than the standard conventional dedicated wire systems. All the technology is in the box beyond the user interface. In fact you can even use ANY Controller with all the features of your choice and then simply convert the output of the field wiring to Two Wire output with the Universal 2 and have the best of both worlds – your favorite controller and all the benefits of Two Wire Technology out in the field.

32 Highlighted Features of LogicPLUS Two Wire Technology ● Reduces field wire requirements by 80% or more (And associated Installation labor) ● Standard off the shelf 14 GA wire; 4 independent 12,000’ wire runs ● Universal Receiver programmed to desired valve number at Controller ● Unlimited Tees and Branching of Two Wire Control path ● Simple system expansion (projects installed in phases, Custom landscapes, Agricultural development / expansion over time) ● Approved Wire Connectors provided for Receiver connection to Two Wire path ● Easiest and most user friendly Installation and Controller Programming ● Available in 42 and 128 Station Controllers ● Universal 2 available in 40 Station increments



35 NEW! PRO 2 Two Wire System for Small Commercial or Residential Systems ● 16 Stations, up to 2 valves per station plus Master Valve or Pump Start ● 18/2 Wire, 2,000’ wire Runs ● Unlimited Tees and Branching ● Programmable Decoders at Controller ● Cost effective for smaller jobs


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