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Automated Spray Patternator Kevin M. Agnew Greg Barber David Rubin Team 14.

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1 Automated Spray Patternator Kevin M. Agnew Greg Barber David Rubin Team 14

2 Design Concept Review BackgroundBackground Customers:Customers: –wants, constraints Mission StatementMission Statement Benchmarking:Benchmarking: –system –functional Metrics / Target Values Generated Concepts Concept Selection Budget –material and equipment –engineering hours

3 Background Spray nozzles are used to apply a fluid onto a surfaceSpray nozzles are used to apply a fluid onto a surface Each nozzle has a certain distribution patternEach nozzle has a certain distribution pattern Spray Nozzle Fluid

4 Background Spray patterns of adjacent nozzles overlapSpray patterns of adjacent nozzles overlap This overlap region can be used to provide a more uniform spray distributionThis overlap region can be used to provide a more uniform spray distribution A spray patternator allows the spray distribution to be observedA spray patternator allows the spray distribution to be observed Spray Nozzle Fluid

5 Project Information Customers :Customers : –Larry Gaultney –Ted Lang Dupont Agricultural Research Team –James Davis Mission StatementMission Statement –To develop and test an automatic spray patternator with high accuracy, improved resolution, a minimal amount of human error, test reset time, and allowing superior flexibility.

6 System Information VideoVideo System ComponentsSystem Components –nozzle –spray table –collection tubes Deficiencies of current DuPont Patternator:Deficiencies of current DuPont Patternator: –Low Accuracy - High Reset Times –Insufficient Resolution - Human Error –Limited To One Nozzle (insufficient size)

7 Prioritized Wants 1. Provide All Desired Outputs 2. Automated Data Collection System 3. Observe interaction of 2 or more Nozzles 4. Comply with Hardware/Software Standards 5. High Accuracy and Resolution 6. Run on Tap Water 7. Be able to test 110° nozzles 8. Modular Design 9. Accurately Locate Nozzle Position 10. Mobile within Lab

8 Constraints 54” Door Width54” Door Width Safety Guidelines - OSHASafety Guidelines - OSHA –Allowable Weight: 200 lbs./person (Max. Push/Pull Weight) Senior Design Project ScheduleSenior Design Project Schedule

9 System Benchmarks Current DuPont Spray PatternatorCurrent DuPont Spray Patternator Hardi Inc.Hardi Inc. –Field Patternator –Laboratory Patternator Transportable Spray PatternatorTransportable Spray Patternator –(Patent) Spray Systems Co.Spray Systems Co. –Laboratory Patternator Hardi Field Patternator

10 Functional Benchmarking Collection Software LabView Measure Image Pro Plus Fluid Supply Pressure Regulator Pressure Transducer Solenoid Valves Reservoir Data Collection Method Laser Imaging Flow Rate Float Level Sensor Water Sensitive Paper Table Design Current DuPont table design V-grooved table

11 Quality Metrics / Target Values

12 Initial Design Concepts Data Collection Design Function : To measure water distribution Level Detection (Using graduated cylinders)Level Detection (Using graduated cylinders) –Manual Reading –Pressure Sensors –Laser Imaging Flow DetectionFlow Detection –In-Line Flow Meters Image AcquisitionImage Acquisition –Filter Paper Flow Meter

13 Initial Design Concepts Table and Water Collection Design Function : To capture water being sprayed from nozzle and separate into measurable quantities 2-Dimensional Design2-Dimensional Design –V-Grooved Table Top –Square Channels (dividing walls) 3-Dimensional Design3-Dimensional Design –Flat Table (Filter Paper design) –Honeycomb

14 Initial Design Concepts Water Supply System ReservoirReservoir –Water Tank –Tap Pressure SystemPressure System –Water Pump –Air Pressure Source with Regulator Test Stop System –Solenoid Valves –Cylinder Covers Function: To supply pressurized water to the nozzles

15 Concept Selection Water Pressure SystemWater Pressure System –Pressure Pot air readily available pressure can be regulated –Solenoid Valves acts as automatic shut-off eliminates residual spray –Dial Pressure Gauge inexpensive simplifies design

16 Concept Selection Table/Frame Design:Table/Frame Design: –Square Channels With Aluminum Dividing Walls 2.5cm spacing of walls gives desired resolution low cost for HDPE table material narrower, square channels reduce splashing –2’ PVC Collection Tubes (0.602” ID) allows for the use of pressure sensors holds >100ml of fluid clear piping allows user to see fluid level –Aluminum C-Channel / Square Stock Provides structural support

17 Concept Selection Data Acquisition SystemData Acquisition System –Pressure Sensors (80) high accuracy (  0.5mL) relatively inexpensive ($17.45/ea.) allows for simpler design of water supply system

18 Concept Selection Collection SoftwareCollection Software –LabView compliant with DuPont software/hardware standards

19 Test Results Continuity/Sensor Integrity Checks: SatisfactoryContinuity/Sensor Integrity Checks: Satisfactory Calibration Check of Pressure Sensors: .5mlCalibration Check of Pressure Sensors: .5ml Collection Tube Leakage Test: No leakageCollection Tube Leakage Test: No leakage Software Operation: SatisfactorySoftware Operation: Satisfactory Pattern Check:SatisfactoryPattern Check:Satisfactory Test Reset Time:3 min (est)Test Reset Time:3 min (est) Water Supply System Operability:SatisfactoryWater Supply System Operability:Satisfactory

20 Budget Shop ExpensesShop Expenses –Time(40 man-hrs) –Materials Data Acquisition SystemData Acquisition System –National Instruments hardware and software –Pressure Sensors Structural MaterialsStructural Materials –aluminum C-channel/square stock –HDPE sheet Water SystemWater System –Reservoir –Regulator/Gauges –Solenoids Valves –Tubing $2,400.00 $2,400.00 $10,759.81 $10,759.81 $2330.08 $2330.08 $269.29 $269.29 Total = $15,759.18

21 Team Engineering Hours

22 Summary Final DesignFinal Design –80 graduated cylinders w/pressure sensors –Square collection channels –Pressure pot water supply w/solenoid valves –LabView for data acquisition Total CostTotal Cost –$15,759.18 Remaining TasksRemaining Tasks –Attach remaining components to frame –Test reset time

23 Question and Answer

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