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Nozzles and Pumps. NOZZLE TYPE Flat fan Hollow cone Flood jet.

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1 Nozzles and Pumps

2 NOZZLE TYPE Flat fan Hollow cone Flood jet






8 NOZZLE MATERIAL Very good chemical and wear resistance –Ceramic, stainless steel

9 NOZZLE MATERIAL Susceptible to damage –Polymer (plastic)

10 NOZZLE MATERIAL Susceptible to wear and corrosion –Brass

11 NOZZLE PERFORMANCE NOZZLE HEIGHT is determined by Nozzle spacing Nozzle spray angle

12 NOZZLE PERFORMANCE OPERATING PRESSURE PSI – pounds per square inch Generally between 30 – 40 psi Lower the psi the lower potential of drift

13 DROPLET SIZE PRESSURE Higher pressures create smaller droplets

14 NOZZLE PERFORMANCE OVERLAP 30% to 100% Uniformity tapers at the edges of spray

15 NOZZLE PERFORMANCE FLOW RATE To double (2x) the flow rate, pressure must be quadrupled (4x) higher pressure will -Decrease droplet size -Increase drift

16 NOZZLE PERFORMANCE SPRAY ANGLE pressure will affect spray angle 8002 flat fan –80 degree @ 40 psi –65 degree @ 15 psi

17 NOZZLE PERFORMANCE TIP WEAR compare the flow to a new tip replace when > 10% flow of new one clean nozzles with soft bristled brush

18 Worn nozzlesNew nozzles

19 CAUSES OF DRIFT WIND VELOCITY Early morning and early evening best times to spray Use lower psi under windy conditions

20 CAUSES OF DRIFT DROPLET SIZE Smaller nozzle size and greater PSI create smaller drops

21 CAUSES OF DRIFT SPRAY TIP HEIGHT Greater the distance between nozzle and target Greater wind velocity effect on drifting

22 CAUSES OF DRIFT OPERATING SPEED increased speeds cause upward wind currents increasing drift Max speeds are 10 to 12 mph

23 PUMPS POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT piston roller diaphragm


25 PUMPS POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT captures and discharges a fixed volume per stroke via roller, piston, or diaphragm flow from the pump is proportional to the pump speed must have a relief valve when nozzles turned off

26 PUMPS NON-POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT rotating impeller creates centrifugal force that discharges liquid through outlet when nozzles closed, no relief valve needed, impeller spins harmlessly

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