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Turbine-less Ducted Fan Jet Engine Subsonic Propulsion

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1 Turbine-less Ducted Fan Jet Engine Subsonic Propulsion
Wind Tunnel Team Long Ly Garrick Gregory

2 Overview Objective Background Turbine Engine
Turbine-less Ducted Fan Engine Prototype CFD Analysis Wind Tunnel Testing and Validation Applications Future Objectives Questions?

3 Objective To perform simulation, testing, and validation of a conceptual Turbine-less Ducted Fan Jet Engine design. Analyze: Axial Flow Patterns Pressure Differences Thrust, Performance, and Efficiency Design: Outlet Nozzle

4 Background Conventional Turbine engine Air Inlet Compressor
Combustion Chamber Turbine Nozzle * Images from NASA – Glenn Research Center

5 Turbine-less Ducted Fan Jet Engine
What is a ducted fan? A fan or compressor installed inside a duct Why Turbine-less? No need for a turbine to drive the compressor Compressor is driven by electric motor Advantages: Less fuel consumption Less expensive Not difficult to manufacture Solar panel or fuel cell for electricity Hydrogen from fuel cell for combustion Quiet propulsion; suitable for undetected surveillance

6 CAD Model Complete Engine & Wind Tunnel Mounting
Adaptor, Stator, Streamline injector Wind Tunnel Engine Mount

7 Rapid Prototype Adaptor, Stator, Streamline injector
Complete Engine & Wind Tunnel Mounting Wind Tunnel Engine Mount *High grade plastic for quick prototype and aerodynamic testing

8 CFD Analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics
Solidworks /CosmosFloworks Ansys 12.0 / ICEM / Fluent Navier Stokes Equations Finite Volume Method Navier-Stokes Flow Governing Equations (General / Vector Form) Continuity Equation: Momentum Equation: Internal Energy:

9 Flow Governing Equations (scalar form)
Axisymmetric Flow Flow Governing Equations (scalar form) Continuity Equation: r Momentum Equation: θ Momentum Equation: z Momentum Equation:

10 Finite Volume Method Finite Difference Equations
Taylor Series Expansion

11 CFD Progress CosmosFloworks Ansys 12.0 Technical Difficulties
Complex geometry Software Crash Overnight Simulations Ansys 12.0 Ease importing geometry from other CAD Software Design Modeler – Parametric Solid Modeling Gambit obsolete Replaced with ICEM CFD Mesh creation slightly different CFD Solver - Fluent

12 Wind Tunnel Testing Static Test Subsonic Wind Tunnel
Single axis force transducer 1 pitot tube, 2 pressure transducers T-fitting: dynamic & static pressure LabVIEW Data Acquisition A Pratt and Whitney turbofan engine for the F-15 Eagle

13 Pressure Pitot Tube Pressure Transducers Bernoulli’s Equation:
Static pressure + dynamic pressure = Stagnation pressure *Pitot tube image from NASA – Glenn Research Center

14 Power Input Electrical Power Input 2 Digital Multi-meters Voltage
Current Brushless Motor Controller Battery Receiver DMM V (v) I (A) + + + - + - Transmitter

15 RPM measurement

16 Photo Sensor Tachometer
Impeller RPMs Photo Sensor Tachometer Laser Tachometer Strobe Tachometer

17 Static Test – Voltage Input

18 Static Test – Power Input

19 Static Test – Exit Velocities

20 Static Test - Thrust Test 1 Test 2

21 Thrust = F = ṁeVe - ṁiVi + (Pe-Pi)Ae
Nozzle Design Pi ṁi Vi Pe ṁe Ve Ae Thrust = F = ṁeVe - ṁiVi + (Pe-Pi)Ae

22 Applications High speed UAV’s V/STOL UAV’s
LADF: Lift Augmented Ducted Fan; combines high speed and VTOL Bell X-22A

23 Future Objectives Complete CFD Analysis Dynamic Wind Tunnel Testing
Design Nozzle More Testing

24 Thank You Advisors Support Dr. Boussalis Dr. Wu Dr. Guillaume Dr. Pham
Nhan Doan Solomon Yitagesu Yacine Sahnoun Shing Chan Johanna Lopez Sara Esparza Roland Chen

25 ?

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