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1 AirPlus!

2 Standard Fluid De/Anti-icing
Standard System Deicing Fluid at 40 gpm

3 AirPlus! 30-90% GLOBAL GLOBAL Fluid Injection AirPlus! Reduction!
TM 6 gpm 700 mph 30-90% Reduction!

4 AirPlus! GLOBAL Fluid “over” Air Fluid Over Air with Fluid Injection
TM Fluid Over Air with Fluid Injection

5 Air Source is a supercharger used in marine applications.
GLOBAL AirPlus! GLOBAL AirPlus! TM Air Source is a supercharger used in marine applications. Located under cab for maximum efficiency

6 3-Barrel Nozzle Forced Air Deicing System
1 2 3 1. Type I/IV Spray Nozzle gpm Type I adjustable spray nozzle. 20 gpm Type IV adjustable spray nozzle. Adjustable from stream to fan. 2. Type I Spray Nozzle - 20 gpm spray nozzle straight stream for deicing up to 25 feet. 3. Air-Plus with Fluid Injection - Forced air can be used alone, with with fluid injection, Forced air with Deicing fluid or Forced Air with Fluid Injection and Deicing Fluid.

7 GLOBAL’s AirPlus! Deicing System
Utilizes Forced Air To remove loose accumulations With or without fluid Most often will be followed by Heated Deicing Fluid Or, Cold Anti-Icing Fluid Significantly reduces glycol consumption

8 GLOBAL’s AirPlus! Deicing System
Four methods Forced Air Forced Air, plus Fluid Injection Fluid Over Forced Air Fluid Only Protected under license for: use of Williams, “Plurity of Fluid” Patent use of USAF, “Air Nozzle & Systems” Patent

9 GLOBAL’s AirPlus! Deicing System
Researched by Wright Labs at Wright Patterson Air Force Base Access to U.S.A.F. scientists & facilities Discovered that correct Air Velocity- breaks coverage loose Volume- moves coverage away The key is in the delivery nozzle design USAF patented a sub-sonic, axisymmetrical, non-convergent, non flared, perfectly choked nozzle

10 GLOBAL’s AirPlus! Deicing System
Provides Forced Air Speed of 800+ mph 1,350 cfm 11 psi Nozzle Diameter of 2 inches Air Source is a “continuos duty” rated blower Located at enclosed cab for max efficiency Approved by Boeing & USAF

11 GLOBAL’s AirPlus! Deicing System
Floodlights Nozzle Up/Down & Rotation Controls Front Entry Door Boom Operation & Cab Rotation Controls Spotlight Entry Platform Deice/anti-ice fluid nozzle Fluid Injection System Air Source Air Supply Tube

12 Global AirPlus deicers in operation with AeroMag/Contego at CLE


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