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Lab 3 Antennas.

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1 Lab 3 Antennas

2 Antenna Gain What factors determine antenna gain? Effective Area

3 Propagation modes Ground Wave Sky-Wave Progagation Line Of Sight

4 For parabolic reflective antenna with diameter 2 meter ,operating at 12 GHz ,what is the effective area and the antenna gain ?

5 State which mode applied to each system
Am Radio – Ground wave Propagation International Broadcast Such as BBC- Sky Wave Propagation Satellite Communication – Line Of Sight

6 Name and briefly four types of noise ?

7 How to overcome the attenuation ?
Use Amplifiers and Repeaters

8 Show that doubling the transmission frequency or doubling the distance between transmitting antenna and receive antenna the power received by 6 dB?

9 Determine the height of an antenna for TV station that must be able to reach customers up to 80 km away

10 What the thermal noise of a channel with a bandwidth of 10 KHz carrying 1000 Watt of power operating at 50 C ? Compare the noise level to the operating power

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