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Lasers for medical and industrial applications

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1 Lasers for medical and industrial applications
Modulight, Inc. 29th Oct 2014 Modulight, Inc. – 10th Dec 2014 agility – profitability – customer focus – reliability

2 Modulight introduction
Over 500,000 lasers manufactured in 15 years for medical (oncology, surgery & bacteria removal), entertainment, security and industrial applications for customers across 5 continents. Products: Medical lasers, industrial & other and related laser modules, parts and supporting services. Complete manufacturing line for laser chips and integration of packaged lasers into systems and products – contact us for custom laser solutions. Lasers range 400nm to 2000nm, both single and multimode, 10mW to 100W. Product data management, ERP and process traceability via sophisticated manufacturing database. In addition to our medical laser products – we do processing and laser development to many companies around the world

3 What’s hot at Modulight
Sales growing >30% YoY and profitable business. Only original laser manufacturer holding ISO certification for designing and manufacturing medical laser systems. ML7710-PDT becoming the fastest growing product with already now 3M€ system orderbook accrued in short time. ML7710 PDT laser –multi wavelength, multi channel laser platform – CB certified as configurable platform to enable rapid FDA and CE approval. ML6400 (single-mode) ML6500 (multi-mode) and ML6600 (multi wavelength) find their way to increasing number of applications from health care to scientific and industrial applications.

4 Customer success stories – life science
Designed-in a turnkey laser system for oncology application (total business >1.5M€ over ). Tens of units deployed & under regular service at clinics and hospitals around Europe. Another customer signed seven figure oncology laser systems delivery contract for 2014–2019 for PDT treatment based on our approved platform ML7710. Designed and developed a novel system for ischemic stroke laser treatment and customer eventually decided to move the whole system design & manufacturing to Modulight’s high quality facility. Modulight‘s red lasers were designed into the systems of PerkinElmer, world-wide known designer and manufacturer of leading scientific solutions for evolving health, safety and environmental quality needs.

5 Application areas Life Science Solutions Industrial Solutions
Applications: Oncology, Surgery and Bacteria removal (photo disinfection) Offer turnkey and laser module solutions to Pharmas, system integrators and R&D. Industrial Solutions Applications: laser range-finding, scanning, sensing, display, security Offer chip to system OEM solutions to key system integrators in the market. Custom Laser Solutions Applications: Laser solutions from wafer & chip to components and systems Application tailored laser components and systems for system integrators globally. Services Service categories Calibration & field service for laser systems Product design services Regulatory and compliance management services Example stories – keep in web version Ischemic stroke laser – customer asked to provide a laser module but ended up asking for complete system design and manufacturing of the medical cart as well as distribution in Europe Military and security lasers for range-finding. Apache helicopter. Perimeter security. Fiber Sensys. SMOS first ever intra satellite laser. Space laser Vaisala road weather monitor now in production for 10 years. OEM / ODM laser manufacturing.

6 Customer success stories – Industrial
Modulight NIR and eye-safe pulsed lasers have been deployed in > 1million handheld civilian and military laser range-finders over ten years; Modulight 3-wavelength laser solution for Vaisala’s road weather stations has been in regular production over 8 years and is still a unique product in the market; Modulight’s high power visible RGB lasers have been designed into laser light engines for 3D digital laser cinema; Modulight‘s NIR and eye-safe lasers have been designed into multiple sensor platforms in aerospace field, including 72 lasers on-board in ESA SMOS satellite for environmental monitoring;

7 ML7710 PDT laser in a nutshell
Typical optical configurations design services to customize the hardware and software for customization & system integration multi-channel system with up to 8 channels & 30W optical power configurable from 400nm to 2000nm in wavelength easy to use touch screen user interface & USB connectivity certified vs. European and FDA medical hardware standards comprehensive manufacturing & traceability to support other additional standards that go beyond & above these lifecycle management services gathering system definition/requirements installation, setup & training annual calibration replacement/upgrade recycling Application Wavelengths (nm) Power (W) Surgical 810/940/980/1320/1470/1940 10 –50 Dental 05/450/665/810/980/1470 1 – 30 Disinfection 635/665/810 1 – 5 Aesthetic 810/940/980/1470 Vein treatment 980/1470 10 – 15 Hyperthermia of tumors 940/980/1064 15 – 50 Standards compliance IEC (electrical safety) IEC (EMC) IEC (Therapeutic and medical laser systems) IEC (Usability) IEC (Laser safety)

8 Modulight laser solutions in life science applications
R&D, Application development, Pre-clinical tests Prototyping Pilot production Process qualification Production Product support Life-cycle management custom wavelengths (635, 652, 980, 1470, 1940nm etc.) multiple wavelengths in one hands-on technical support design/cost optimization OEM solutions & certification documentation equipment integration product/process traceability and control repeatable product platforms cost optimized manufacturing solution short cycle-times product support

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10 Upgrade your laser with ML7710
Contact: Reliable supply and service onsite at all countries EU, USA etc. with no IPR issues Configurable, CERTIFIED laser platform for lower TCO and quick TTM Application Wavelengths (nm) Power (W) Surgical 810/940/980/1320/1470/1940 10 –50 Dental 05/450/665/810/980/1470 1 – 30 Disinfection 635/665/810 1 – 5 Aesthetic 810/940/980/1470 Vein treatment 980/1470 10 – 15 Hyperthermia of tumors 940/980/1064 15 – 50 Easy to use color touch screen Multiple wavelengths & channels Spectra Physics Tel Aviv (V-Gen) QVL0025 and Vlight 8CH-753-MKII BW Tek BWF5 Biolitec Evolve, Leonardo etc. Intermedic Endo, S15 OFT, SST 200 Panasonic PDT laser ZH-LD31A02J

11 Modulight product family for PDT
PC user interface for up to 5 separate ML6700-PDT modules or for all 3 channels of ML6000-PDT (control via single USB port) Illumination kit for homogenous illumination of 85x125 mm multi-sample (96 well) microplates and up to 95 mm diameter round petri dishes 3-in-1 illumination module Single-channel illumination module Delivery fiber for Illumination kit, compatible with ML6700-PDT, ML6600-PDT, and ML7710-PDT illumination sources based on 3 standard laser platforms ML6700-PDT, ML6600-PDT and ML7710-PDT easy-to-use PC user interface for simultaneous individual control of ML6700-PDT laser modules or separate output channels of ML6600-PDT illumination kit for micro plate (up to 96 wells) and petri dish illumination external dose calibration module for OEM laser modules application fibers for interstitial and surface illumination and many other instruments

12 ML7710 supports all PDT drugs & wavelengths
Photodynamic therapy drugs and their laser wavelengths: Porfimer sodium 631nm, ALA 635nm, Temoporfin 652nm, Talaporfin 660nm, PAD-S31 665nm, Zn-BC AM 683nm, Zn-BC Pc nm, Verteporfin 690nm, WST11 750nm and many more. Basically any wavelength between 400 and 2000nm can be installed or even multiple wavelengths at the time in the same multi wavelength and multi channel ML7710 system.

13 OEM design service for commercial medical laser systems
tailored design solutions from components to turnkey systems customer and application specific industrial designs rapid prototyping for the ”look & feel” full technical file/design history documentation for medical approvals full turnkey solution up to approved CB tested medical device product release from ISO13485 certified facility factory and field services after market launch Customer requirements System design User interface design Submission for approval Life cycle management Industrial design Prototype manufacturing Verification Product launch Maintenance and calibration

14 ML7710-PDT turnkey laser system for PDT
Automatic calibration of all the delivery fibers at one time Up to 8 individually controllable laser channels with independent wavelengths Easy dose calibration with a simple and intuitive touch-screen UI and possibility for online monitoring

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