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MFL Activities Lots of activities, ideas and resources to use in your MFL lessons.

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1 MFL Activities Lots of activities, ideas and resources to use in your MFL lessons.

2 reading listening speaking writing numeracy ICT dictionary SKILLS

3 Sit ‘n’ Spin Great idea – taken from Pinterest

4 Trapdoor Student has to read through guessing the correct answer. If they get it right they carry on. If they get it wrong someone else ha to have a go but start from the beginning. Lots of repetition – great for listening skills. First one to the end wins a prize.

5 Darts Bought from the 99p Store. I use as a plenary. If students get the question right they can throw the dart. Group with the most points wins. A good one for the boys.

6 Adjectives Nice idea when learning adjectives. Students could do this for homework.

7 Adjectives (2) Another good idea when covering adjectives. Take photo to stick in their books.

8 Creative Descriptions Fun way of presenting a piece of writing.

9 Guess Who PowerPoint with celebrities’ names translated into French. Students use a dictionary to help them figure out who the person is. e.g. prendre ça = Take That French - Who am I?

10 Challenge Capsules Make tubs with challenges for early finishers. (You can get about 8 of these tubs in 99p Store/Poundland)

11 Guess The Song A nice starter activity. My students love this one. PowerPoint with English song titles translated into Spanish and they have to guess the English. Spanish Guess The Song

12 Number Flashcards Write some random numbers (including negatives) on the board and stick flashcards over them. Students are in teams, they tell you a phrase, you take off the flashcard and that is the number of points they get.

13 Question Chairs Hide Common Core questions under their seat and announce 'hot seat' sometime during the day. Whoever has a question under their seat has to answer it.

14 Guess the Word Everybody standing up. Write a word on a whiteboard and students have to guess what it is and write it on their own. They reveal their boards then teacher reveals theirs. If they have matched, they can sit down. If not, they rub off their word and start again.

15 Phrase of the Week Give students a word/phrase of the week. If they use it correctly in context they win a raffle ticket. One of these is picked out at the end of each week and this student wins a lolly.


17 Je regarder

18 Heads and Tails Sentences Give students some starts and ends of sentences and they have to join them up. Hier je suis alléen avion. J’ai voyagéun croissant. J’ai visitéen France. J’ai mangéles monuments.

19 Map speaking activity Good for talking about places in town, directions and prepositions. In pairs students have a different map each and a copy of their partner’s with some places missing which they have to fill in by listening to their partner’s description/asking questions.

20 Radio App Download the TuneIn radio app. Click 'By Location' > Europe > France/Spain then choose either the type of music (genre) you want to listen to or the area in France or Spain.

21 Fortune Tellers Get your students to make these to practise job vocab. Good for recap of basic numbers and colours.

22 What do you know about…? Tell your partner everything you know about…

23 Ball Repetition Students throw the ball around the room repeating the word after the teacher.

24 Card Finder Place flashcards on the walls around the room. Say the word in the TL/English and students point to the correct part of the room.

25 Miming Mime a word and students shout out in the target language.

26 Passez la bombe Buy a kitchen timer and put it in a small black box. Put the timer in the box. When you play, set the timer for between 1-2 mins, put into box and say a question you've covered recently which can have many different answers. Pass the bomb to first pupil, who can pass it on when they've said an answer. Whoever is holding the bomb when it goes off has to do a forfeit.

27 4 Chairs 4 chairs at the front of the class. The rest of class must ask each in turn a question. If they are correct the person stays on the chair. If not the questioner takes place. The 4 still on the chairs at the exact moment the bell rings gain points/sweets.

28 Cups NOUNSVERBS ADJECTIVES Students are given a set of cards with vocab on and they have to put them in the correct cup.

29 First Letters Give the students the first letter of each word in a sentence. They have to figure out what the sentence is. J V A B D L M Je vais au bord de la mer.

30 Weather Wall Interactive Weather Display Interactive weather display which students can easily update or can be discussed as a starter activity.

31 Knocking Out Teeth Divide the class into two teams. Ask individual team members questions. Draw two big mouths on the whiteboard, giving each about 8 teeth. If they get it RIGHT, you erase one tooth from the OPPONENTS mouth. Other suggestions: Draw sweets and take them away Eat up each others’ apples, bananas, ice-creams, etc. Draw a person for each; then, with each mistake they make, draw a part of something around them; if they lose, they end up with a large monster’s mouth swallowing them.

32 (1) Mon collège s’appelle Ridgewood School. Hallcross School. Danum School. (2) J’aime les maths l’histoire l’anglais (3) parce que c’est facile. intéressant. amusant. ennuyeuse irascible méchante (4) Je déteste les maths parce que le prof est (6) Ma matière préférée est (5) Le dessin est plus ennuyeux que l’histoire la technologie les sciences la géographie le sport l’espagnol j’adore apprendre les langues. c’est très facile. (7) parce que

33 Encore Une Fois Similar to previous. One volunteer to leave the room. Rest of class agree on answers. The volunteer comes back in and begins to read and guesses a/b/c. If correct he continues. If incorrect he must go back to the beginning and guess again. Every time the volunteer gets the answer wrong, he must go back to the beginning and class says ”encore une fois”. This could then be done in pairs. (1) Mon collège s’appelle Ridgewood School. Hallcross School. Danum School.

34 123456 A LucPierreYohanThierryQuentinLaurent B septquinzedix-septdix-huitneufsix C Normalem ent Tous les jours Une fois par semaine Une fois par mois Tous les deux jours Quelquefoi s D du pain grillé des céréales du pain un croissant un pain au chocolat du fruit E du jus d’orange du thédu café du jus de pomme de l’eaudu lait F sixsepthuitneufdixonze G la cuisine ma chambre la salle à manger le salonle jardin la voiture H ma soeur mon frère mon copain ma famille mes parents mon petit ami I savoure ux délicieuxbongoûteux nourriss ant génial Roll the dice and fill in the gaps of your paragraph. A Salut, je m’appelle ________________ et B j’ai ___________ ans. C _________________________ au petit déjeuner D je mange _________________ et E je bois _______________________. F D’habitude je mange le petit déjeuner à __________ heures G dans ______________ H avec ___________________. I J’adore manger du pain grillé avec du beurre et de la confiture parce que c’est _________________. Dice Gap Fill

35 Textivate

36 Virtual Teachers To promote independent learning and differentiation. Make a PowerPoint slide with questions related to the task and hyperlink the answers. Students can click these when they need to.

37 Dingbats Students guess the word/phrase from the picture on the screen. Good to get their brains ticking at the start of the lesson.

38 Sequencing and Matching Give students a text and translation cut up. They match the text with the translation and put in the correct order.

39 Trays Red, amber, green trays for end of lesson. Students put their book in the correct tray depending on their level of understanding.

40 Similar Writing Students are given two very different texts and have to find the similarities between the two in order to help them decide what they need to include in their own piece of writing. J’habite avec ma soeur dans une petite maison en Angleterre. J’habite avec ma mère dans une grande maison en France.

41 Expert Tables Choose students who have mastered an aspect of languages. Other students go and see these people for help.

42 Silent reading Read a book, story, poem or newspaper in the target language.

43 Card Racing Game Create 7 cards with different tasks. Put the pupils into pairs or groups of 3. To start the game give each group a card and a mini board. They then have to complete the task and one member of the group brings it to you to check. Once they have had the answer checked they get another card. The object of the game is to complete all the cards first, this group wins. Record on a grid which group has completed which cards and offer a prize to each member of the winning group as an inventive.

44 Paired Gap-fill Everybody has the same text but with different words missing. Each pair should be left with two complete texts. Take it in turns to read out a paragraph. Your partner listens to your pronunciation and writes the correct words in the gaps. HOWEVER YOU MUST NOT LOOK AT EACH OTHER’S SHEETS.

45 6 15 19 6 9 0 21 22 6 24 12 22 Students crack the code to guess the topic of today’s lesson. ABCDEFGHIJKLM 191861222112212510953 NOPQRSTUVWXYZ 162413171510237420148

46 Find in the text Students underline/highlight (in different colours) verbs, adjectives, verbs in the present tense etc.

47 Say the next word Provide students with a text. Read the text aloud then stop. Students have to say the next word/next word in the sequence.

48 Against the clock Time pupils to read out a paragraph/sentence.

49 Gap Fill Write words/sentences in the board with letters/words missing. Students have to fill in the gaps. ___ m’appelle John. J’________ en Angleterre avec ____ famille. Let students brainstorm ideas. For example they could think of alternate endings for each verb phrase.

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