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Hyperspectral Imaging Camera From HORIBA Scientific.

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1 Hyperspectral Imaging Camera From HORIBA Scientific

2 Technology based on 2-dimensional transmission and computational image reconstruction

3 Consider looking at fluorescent beads such as these under a microscope Beads look yellowish because the emission peaks at ~584nm. With a broad emission in the visible

4 Hyperspectral imaging camera takes an image that looks like this Image taken through a 2d transmission grating that produces several diffraction orders in both directions – with the zeroth order undistorted image in the center of the frame

5 Produces hyperspectral image cube through mathematical image reconstruction Image Cube: So-called because each z-intercept wavelength of the cube (in this case green) is the spectral content of the original image at that wavelength. Spatial Resolution: approximately 200x300 pixels - adjustable Spectral Coverage: 400nm-800nm - adjustable Spectral Resolution: typically 5nm - adjustable (60-80 images per cube) (λ)(λ) Every Pixel has associated Spectrum

6 Perform Imaging and Spectroscopy in one shot Taken in as little as 3ms

7 Application Characteristics Needs or would benefit from performing both imaging and spectroscopy Measurement of transient phenomena Portability -> Field work Affordable spectral imaging solution

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