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Chapter 37 Wave Optics EXAMPLES.

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1 Chapter 37 Wave Optics EXAMPLES

2 Chapter 37: Interference of Light Waves: Examples

3 Example 37.1 Wavelength of a Light Source
A viewing screen is separated from a double-slit source by 1.2 between slits is mm. The second order bright fringe (m = 2) is 4.5 cm from the center line. Determine the wavelength of the light. Calculate the distance between adjacent bright fringes

4 Example 37.2 Fringes of Two Wavelengths
A light source emits visible light of two wavelengths:  = 430 nm and ’ = 510 nm. The source is used in a double-slit interference experiment in which L = 1.50 m and d = mm. Find the separation between the third-order bright fringes.

5 Example 37.3 Six slits (Quiz 37.2)
Sketch the interference patter from six slits The number of secondary maxima is always N – 2 where N is the number of slits Because N = 6, the secondary maxima are 1/36 as intense as the primary maxima.

6 Objective Questions: 3-6 Conceptual Questions: 1-3
Material for the 2nd Midterm Material from the book to Study!!! Objective Questions: 3-6 Conceptual Questions: 1-3 Problems:

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