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The search for the best all round entertainers. Poacher Turned Gamekeeper ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment.

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1 The search for the best all round entertainers. Poacher Turned Gamekeeper ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

2 The Lord or Lady of the Manor The Gamekeeper The Agent The Guest The Estate ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

3 The Poachers are contestants who must be semi- professional entertainers, e.g. Comedians: Singers: Operatic, Rock, Pop, Choral Dancers: Musicians: Rock, Pop, Classical Variety Acts: Actors: Other: The Poachers ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

4 Each show is in two parts (possibly subsequent nights or either side of the News) to allow time for viewer voting, an important source of revenue and consumer interaction. The first show sets the personnel in place. After that the format is fixed. Unsuccessful acts can reapply. The Agent for the Winning Act is also requested to joint the Estate Panel. The following is a brief outline of the shows format. Basic Format ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

5 The 1 st Show is compared by the Lord / Lady of the Manor. Fifteen Poachers compete in a Jeux San Frontiers style race to enter the Estate which culminates in an electronic pheasant shoot. The last seven are eliminated. The remaining eight Poachers are subjected to a comical general knowledge quiz. The last three are eliminated. The remaining Poachers each perform their three minute act. The public vote (phone or audience) and the scores are added to the quiz results to find the top two next week. INTERVAL. Week 1 – part 1 The 1 st weeks is slightly different as they introduces the show structure. ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

6 In Week 1 only, the two finalists have a head to head where they interview The Guest to establish who will become the incumbent Gamekeeper. The following week the Gamekeeper and his Agent join the panel. Week 1 – part 2 The 2nd part of the 1 st show establishes the initial teams. ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

7 The Show is now compared by the Estate Panel. Fifteen new contestants enter the Estate and the shoot off. The most successful eight enter the quiz and the top five go on to the performance round. The remaining five Poachers each perform their three minute act. The audience / viewers are invited to vote. INTERVAL Week 2 and thereafter part 1 ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

8 The winner (as selected by the vote and quiz results combined) attains the title Chief Poacher and competes in a head to head against the current Game Keeper as per week 1. This can be judged by the panel, or audience. If the Poacher wins he / she becomes the Game Keeper and joins the Estate panel. Their Agent also joins the Estate panel. The incumbent Game Keeper and his / her Agent leave the show. If the Game Keeper wins the Head Poacher is eliminated. (optionally re-entered into the Performance next show.) Week 3 and thereafter part 2 ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

9 As previously mentioned, “The Estate” comprises of The Lord or Lady of the Manor (the programme anchor), the Gamekeeper, their Agent and a Guest. In the head to head, the Game Keeper and the Poacher take turns to interview the Guest. The person who conducts the most successful interview as judged by the anchor and the guest will become (or remain) the Game Keeper. The Head to Head ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

10 ActionTime (mins)Total Time New Contestant Introduction (voiceover)22 Entrance and the shoot off.68 Recap and announcement of losers210 Interval515 Quiz Introduction (x8)116 Quiz622 Quiz Results and Summary123 Performance from each of 5 acts1538 Interval545 Announcement of Head Poacher348 Head to Head Interview1058 Final Decision260 Timeline (0-60 Minutes) ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

11 Summary 15 Contestants 8 Contestants Head to Head Act 2 Act 3 Act 5 Act 4 Vote & Quiz Results Act 1 New Gamekeeper 5 Contestants General Knowledge / Personality Quiz Pheasant Shoot Head Poacher(s) Incumbent Gamekeeper Head to Head Looser ©2013 BuzzmarK Entertainment

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