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1 Please log into your computer and open a Word Document.

2 Save your document to your lunch # as Note Taking Do NOT change the font in any way.

3 Note Taking Short, fragments Bullet points Not sentences (usually) No grammar o Spelling is still important!

4 Two Options for Taking Notes Quotations o Identical to the original o Use “quotation marks” o Use very sparingly! o Must give credit Using your Own Words o Paraphrasing o Preferred method o Must give credit

5 Why take notes? Keeps you from plagiarizing. Plagiarism o Using someone else’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person. o Copying and pasting from webpages o Changing a couple of words, but keeping the same idea without giving credit. o Cheating o Stealing

6 Example Paragraph (use this to take notes) Jenny is a fifteen-year old student who attends a rural school. She is very outgoing and participates in school activities such as cheerleading and Quiz Bowl. Because her school is small, everyone knows her and she knows everyone in school.

7 My Example Notes Jenny 15 Small, “rural” school o Rural means country o Everyone knows each other Friendly Clubs o Cheerleading o Quiz Bowl.

8 Example of Paraphrasing (I used my notes to create my own sentences.) Jenny, a fifteen-year old girl, goes to a small school where everyone knows each other. She is active in several extra-curricular activities including cheerleading and Quiz Bowl.

9 Example of Summarizing (this is like a GIST, just the main idea) Jenny is well known in her small high school and participates in school activities.

10 Your turn to practice! Read the article provided. Either on your paper or in Word: o Take notes using the bullet point method. o Write a summary(GIST) o Write a paragraph, paraphrasing-using only the notes that you took. Do not look back at the article. If using Word, you must be able to print out your notes to hand in. IF you finish early-BrainPop videos (quiz 100% and get a prize) Name Article Title Source Period Date Notes GIST (just the main idea) Paragraph (with supporting details)

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