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Ms. Landon Room 221 Welcome to English III.

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1 Ms. Landon Room 221 Welcome to English III

2 About Me

3 Class Syllabus Please follow along in your syllabus.
Do not sign your syllabus until you have read it completely. Your parent or guardian also needs to read and sign your syllabus. Your signed syllabus is due on Friday. You will also have a quiz over this material.

4 The White Board The Learning Target The Class Agenda/Plan
Important Dates and Reminders Vocabulary Word of the Day

5 Course Goals To read and analyze texts of American Literature.
To identify and analyze different literary devices. To apply effective strategies and techniques in writing. To demonstrate mastery of grammatical conventions of standard written English. To learn researching and organizing techniques for writing assignments. To learn and use vocabulary words in the correct context. To develop note taking and brainstorming strategies for writing. To learn how to recognize and write effective arguments.

6 Major Assignments Essays (Theme, Analytical, and Argumentative)
Novel Exams and Projects Research Paper Vocabulary Quizzes Independent Reading Analysis Projects

7 Materials – Be Prepared
Blue or black pens (If you do not have a writing instrument, you may trade in your ID for a pen to borrow for the block.) #2 Pencils Highlighters Loose-leaf notebook paper Three-ringed binder A dictionary to keep at home or access to an online dictionary Flash drive

8 Classroom Expectations
Be On Time and Be Prepared. Listen to Others Speak. Only Touch What Belongs to You. Stay Awake and Alert. Use Appropriate Language. Eliminate Distractions.

9 Important Information
*For minor offences students will be given ONE warning. If the behavior continues students will have a conference with Ms. Landon and then will serve lunch detention. A parent or guardian will also be notified. Depending on the severity of the behavior, students may be given a behavior referral with no warning. Obscene language, bullying, defiant behavior, and fighting is not permitted in the classroom and will result in a more severe disciplinary action.

10 Assignments Before you turn something in, check for these things!
Name Block Date Use a heading. Use BLUE or BLACK ink. Write neatly.

11 Class Baskets Turn in your assignments to your designated class basket. Each block has a different basket and sign out notebook. You may keep your binders underneath the table in a milk crate. (If you are ever caught with someone else’s binder in your possession, I will assume you are cheating.)

12 Make Up Work If you are absent, you can pick up your work in one of the brightly colored folders. The folders are in alphabetical order. For example, if your last name begins with “T,” you would take your work out the folder labeled “T.” Your name will be written at the top of the assignment. You are responsible to get notes from a classmate.

13 Make Up Work Continued You are allowed one day for every excused absence to make up any missed work. You need to make up work before or after school, not during class.

14 Late Work If you did not complete the assignment, you may turn it in the next day for half credit. Late work should be handed to me directly. If you know in advance that you will be missing class, please inform me as soon as possible.

15 How to Retest Students are able to retake summative assessments in this class. In order for you to be allowed a second chance to meet the standard or groups of standards for a unit test, you must show evidence that you have completed the class work, study guides, and additional practice for the summative assessment. Students have a two-week time frame to reassess the standards they did not meet.

16 Don’t be Tardy! You may be late ONCE without penalty.
You need to be in your seat when the bell rings. Make sure you are prepared for class. (Pick up a dictionary and check the agenda to see if you need another book.)

17 Cell Phones You may use your phone for class activities, but then you are expected to put your phone or other device away. Do not keep your device on your desk. If you think you need to use your phone for an assignment, ask first.

18 Cell Phone Continued If you use your cell phone during class, you will receive a referral. You have the option of placing your cell phone in a designated area. If you choose to keep your cell phone on your person, I do not want to see or hear it.

19 Stay in your Seat! Ask permission before you leave your seat.
Ask permission to leave the room. Sign out before you leave the room. Sign back in when you return to class. Abide by the fifteen-fifteen rule. Stay seated until the bell rings or until you are released.

20 Sign Out Books You have four hall passes per semester.
I need to sign the sign out book each time you leave the room. You must bring the book to me, and you must use the hall pass. The door must stay locked and closed at all times.

21 Class Dismissal You must stay seated until the bell rings OR until I dismiss you. You will be given a couple minutes before the bell rings to pack up and to ask any additional questions about the lesson. You need to return any textbooks or dictionaries you used to the bookshelves and clean up your area before you leave class.

22 Class Dismissal No one touches the cell phone holder until I say it is time to remove the cell phones. I will announce numbers 1-15 or 15-30, and then you may pick up your phone. Do not touch a phone that does not belong to you. Students do not leave the room until they have cleaned up their area and retrieved their phones.

23 Hall Passes Only one student at a time may leave the classroom.
You are only allowed four hall passes per semester. I will document this! If you exceed this limit, you will receive a lunch detention.

24 Common Sense Bring a pen. Bring paper. Use your time wisely.
Do not write or share anything offensive. Keep it appropriate for THIS classroom.

25 Classroom Don’ts Don’t write on the desks for any reason at any time.
Don’t bring or eat food in class. Don’t write or erase material on the agenda board without permission. Don’t cross the X-marks-the-spot.

26 Classroom Do’s Do use highlighters, markers, and other materials in the blue drawers. Do ask to check out books from Ms. Landon’s library. Do ask questions when you are confused!

27 Plagiarism *I adhere to the school’s policy on plagiarism and cheating. Prior to writing research papers, you will be taught how to properly give credit to sources and avoid plagiarism. You will receive a zero for plagiarized papers.

28 Substitute Teachers You are expected to follow class rules and procedures. You are expected to hand in any assignments due that day. If you are disruptive or disrespectful, you will be given detention or a referral depending on the situation.

29 Lock Down The teacher will shut off the lights, shut the blinds, and cover the window on the door. The teacher will check the bathroom log book to make sure all students are accounted for. The teacher will lock the door. Students will refrain from using cell phones to prevent noise and additional panic. If the intruder is inside the building, students will quietly position themselves away from the door. If the intruder is outside the building, students will quietly position themselves away from the windows.

30 Fire Drills or Bad Weather Drills
Students will calmly stand up and exit the room starting with the row closest to the door. Students will quietly exit the room. The teacher will be the last person to leave the room. The student in the front of the line will lead the class to the designated area. Students will remain in a line until told otherwise. (I need to make sure everyone is accounted for!)

31 ???? Complete the Getting to Know You Sheet.
You will turn this paper in to the basket before you leave class today! 

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