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Talk to me! Whole class talk Session 2 Rachel Hawkes.

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1 Talk to me! Whole class talk Session 2 Rachel Hawkes

2 “Language ‘practice’ should lead to language ‘use’ but doesn’t.” (Salter, 1989) What is the answer?  increased pair/group work  task-based learning  re-examine and re-construe the rule of teacher talk Rachel Hawkes

3 Spontaneous talk: concept definition from literature/policy  improvised (oral/aural), unrehearsed  communicative, message-oriented  language use not language practice  natural (as outside the classroom)  authentic (real / purposeful)  respond to unexpected / unpredictable  conversations  ‘struggle’ – communicate when linguistic resources are stretched Rachel Hawkes


5 Spontaneous talk: What is it in the classroom?  Spontaneous contributions in the TL as part of the language of the classroom  Unplanned / unscripted talk as part of a lesson task or activity (whether pair/group/whole class)  Whole-class teacher-led interactions that follow where the learner wants to go (and that may prime for subsequent pair work) Rachel Hawkes

6 Why is it important?  Students equate the ability to speak in the TL with learning the language (it is the subject to them)  Students believe that what they can produce in unrehearsed situations is what they really know  Spontaneous TL use (or lack of it) has been highlighted in every inspection report (since records began – in the UK at least!)  Theories of language learning prioritise interaction as the primary site of learning Rachel Hawkes

7 What is the teacher role in spontaneous talk ?  Source of high quality language input for acquisition  Contingent feedback  Sensitive co-construction  Creation of a ‘safe place’ for trial and error  Broadening of a learner’s interactional repertoire  Inclusion of humour  Talking to mean AND implicit reflection on form Rachel Hawkes

8 What about the rest of the class?  Source of high quality language input for acquisition a ) The unpredictability and humour of these interactions encourage active listening for comprehension. b)The stability and continuity of the theme/topic of the talk enable learners to understand longer stretches of interaction (teacher talk and visual stimulus are the scaffolding)  ‘Off line’ opportunities for reflection and planning a)Comparing the talk of teacher and peer b)Using the time to plan next contribution Rachel Hawkes

9 Spontaneous talk: What is it in the classroom?  Spontaneous contributions in the TL as part of the language of the classroom  Whole-class teacher-led interactions that follow where the learner wants to go (and that may prime for subsequent pair work) UUnplanned / unscripted talk as part of a lesson task or activity (whether pair/group/whole class) Rachel Hawkes

10 1 20 Questions?!? 1)Have you…? 2)Do you like…? 3)How…? 4)Where…? 5)Is…? 6)Do you think that…? 7)Why don’t…? Rachel Hawkes

11 2 What are the questions? 1. Yes, I love it / them. 2. No, I don’t like it / them at all. 4. No, because I’m vegetarian!. 7. Yes, but it’s a bit boring. 6. Yes, of course. How about you? 3. My favourite sandwich is cheese. 5. I hate it / them. Rachel Hawkes

12 Where is there a / an …? Do you have…? Do you want…? Would you like..? Do you like..? How much does / do... cost? Is there a / an … near here? 3 Questions against the clock

13 My name is Julian and I’m fifteen years old. I live with my parents and my sister in the centre of Manchester. My school is quite near, and so I normally walk or go by bike. When the weather’s bad, I go by bus. My sister is lazier than me and she always goes by bus. My school is a state, mixed comprehensive school. There are 600 pupils and at least 60 teachers. In my opinion the teachers are really nice, although there are a few who are very strict. The school has some really excellent facilities. For example, there are two pools and eight tennis courts. There’s also an athletics track and several football and rugby pitches. I’m interested in sports but I don’t play in any team, although last weekend I took part in a swimming competition. My sister hates football – she prefers playing on the computer! What I most like about school is the main hall because it’s very big. My favourite subject is drama because it’s really fun and I’m a very creative person. Six months ago we went to Stratford for a weekend with school. On the Saturday evening a group of pupils went to the cinema but I went with a different group to see a Shakespeare play. The theatre was very large and it was an excellent experience. The truth is I don’t like languages very much. Next March I’m going to France with the school. I’m going to spend a week with a French family and I will have to speak French the whole time. I’m very scared! ❶ ❷ ❸ ❹ ❺ 4 Hotseating

14 Rachel Hawkes 5 Target talk 6 Odd one out 7 Spot the difference 9 5 Ws? 8 Reading images 10 Extensions 11 Then & now 12 Definitions 13 Say something else

15 NB: Your answer must have 8 words exactly. How could you make your answer longer than 10 words? Rachel Hawkes 5 Target talk

16 6 Odd one out

17 milkbreadjuiceteacoffee cheesehamjamfruitsweets wakes up has breakfast to have teaeatshas dinner watertoastcerealcheesegrapes fruitvegetablespulsescereals sweet things breakfastteapicnicdinnerlunch Rachel Hawkes 6 Odd one out

18 I think that the exception is because/for It’s feminine/masculine It’s the only thing that It’s the ony word that a verb - an adjective - a noun ……..has to do with/is all about…….. e.g. …….has to do with sport for example …….is different ends with.. starts with it’s a sort of carbohydratesmeat proteinhigh in cholesterol high in caloriesrich in vitamins fat fruit and vegetables high in sugarlow in fibre a source of calciumsweet Rachel Hawkes

19 1)Mention two differences 2) Respond to two questions 3) Ask two questions A B Rachel Hawkes 7 Spot the difference

20 There are big mountain in photo A. The countryside is very green. There are lots of trees. There aren’t many houses. The house is old and grey. I think that it seems a very quiet place. AB 8 Reading images

21 What is Lara going to do this summer? What isn’t she going to do? Rachel Hawkes 7 Reading images

22 What’s his name? How old is he? What is he like? Does he have a family? Does he have any pets? Where does he live? Where does he work? What does he like doing? What doesn’t he like doing? What’s he wearing? What does he like eating? What is he doing? Who is he talking to? What are they talking about?

23 Reflection What title have you given your chosen picture? Reason Can a different group try to explain the reasoning behind that title? Challenge Has another group decided on a different title to the picture? Which title do you prefer? Why? Application Imagine you were doing this in another subject. How might you use what you’ve learned today? 9 5 Ws 10 Extensions What? When? Where? Who? Why? What? When? Where? Who? Why?

24 Where are you going? Who are you with? How long are you going for? What are you going to do when you arrive? Rachel Hawkes

25 A film crit Which film did you see? What was it like? What was the story about? Would you recommend it? Why (not)?

26 Traffic jam! Where were you going? What time did you leave? How long have you been waiting? What are you going to do to pass the time? Rachel Hawkes

27 Excuses What didn’t you want to do ? Why not? What excuse did you give? Did it turn out alright? Why (not)? Rachel Hawkes

28 Rubbish bin What are you going to throw away? Why? Rachel Hawkes

29 ¡Fashion!?! Which is the worst fashion mistake? Why? Do you think fashion is important? Why (not)? What is your favourite item of clothing and why? Rachel Hawkes

30 What did you order? Where it is coming from? When will it arrive? How do you feel? What will you do with it when it arrives? Rachel Hawkes

31 Flirting Who did you meet? What is s/he like? Where were you? What happens next? Rachel Hawkes

32 Advice Who was it? What was the problem? What did you say to him/her? What happened in the end? Rachel Hawkes

33 What a nightmare! What did you do? Who knows about it? How do you feel? What do you have to do to make the situation better? Rachel Hawkes

34 Where? What? Who? Who took the photo? When? What just happened? What happens next?

35 Where? What? Who? Who took the photo? When? What just happened? What happens next?

36 Sitges Cataluña, Spain 2009 50 years ago, there were rocks on the beach.Today there aren’t any rocks on the beach. Rachel Hawkes 11 Then and now

37 Before….Now… When she was playing the role of Bridget Jones… Now she…

38 In my primary school…In my secondary school…

39 Word DefinitionCharacteristics / Facts Examples Non-examples 12 Definitions

40 red Definition Characteristics / Facts ExamplesNon-examples

41 1. The snake seems tired. 2. There aren’t any more animals. 3. It’s on the coast. 4. The snake likes sleeping. 5. The person is a teacher. 6. I think that the painting is boring. 13 Say something different

42 peeleat cut cook prepare buy givethrow steal catch drink dream about

43 HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU Holly is ………… years old Kate likes … ……… James doesn’t like … Dr Hawkes’ brother is called …...... Matt’s favourite thing is ……. fifteen history music Martyn football

44 I play tennis. I live in the middle of Austria. My dog is called Klaus. Pimp my sentence!

45 Reflection Think of perhaps two tasks or strategies for whole class speaking that could be incorporated into your lessons over the next two weeks. Make a brief note of them and the topic you will need them to fit into. Rachel Hawkes

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