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LLC If you… love languages, enjoy engaging people from other cultures, love learning about cultures… Spanish is for you!

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1 LLC If you… love languages, enjoy engaging people from other cultures, love learning about cultures… Spanish is for you!

2 Requirements for the Spanish minor Students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 in Spanish courses and complete at least fifteen hours above SPA 203, excluding Spanish courses taught in English.

3  Notice that you only need 4 courses beyond SPA 204 to minor (excluding courses taught in English).  You may complete 204 and choose from 300 level courses (be mindful about pre-requirements).  You may also qualify to take 400 level courses.  You may even take 2 of those courses during our Summer Study Program in Spain.  Typically students take SPA 204, 301 (or 302), 311, 315 and 351 (321 and 341 are other options). For more information about the Spanish minor go to

4 Requirements for the Spanish major  Majors must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 in Spanish courses.  Complete a minimum of 30 hours (10 courses) at the 300 level and above, including courses focusing in language skills, literature, and culture.  You only need 5 or 6 Spanish courses beyond the minor to finish the major in Spanish.

5  We have an active participation in the Lloyd International Honors College Programs.  Students interested in the Disciplinary Honors Program and those seeking an undergraduate research assignment may propose an independent study on a subject of their choice.  For more info go to: ages/spanish/major.html ages/spanish/major.html

6 Study Abroad Opportunities You should think about participating on the Summer Program in Madrid, Spain. You will spend 5 weeks of total immersion in the language and the culture and take two Spanish courses. For additional information on the Summer Program in Spain, visit: /spanish/studyAbroad.html

7 For more information on additional study abroad options in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries, contact:  Wendy Jones-Worden, Study Abroad Advisor for Spanish Majors/Minors  The International Programs Center

8 Student Opportunities  The Global Village, a living-learning community for incoming students interested in languages, literatures, and cultures.  Affordable study abroad opportunities.  Students receive detailed advising information.  Qualifying students are considered every year for a number of Departmental and University awards and recognitions.

9 Spanish will enhance your career choices in many fields such as: Governmental Services Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality programs International Business Social Work International Law International Relations Radio/TV Advertising Court Interpreting Fashion Intelligence Service (FBI) Foreign Service Foreign Language/ESL Teaching Health Care State Department/Armed Forces

10 Our K-12 licensure program in Spanish Are you interested in becoming a NC licensed teacher? Dr. Mariche García-Bayonas ( Prof. Marcia Wooten ( will be glad to discuss our K- 12 Spanish major with you

11  Many students opt for completing a double major in Spanish and another field, including International and Global Studies, Biology, Psychology, English, Music, Business, Nursing and many other possibilities  For more information about majoring in Spanish and International Global Studies, visit the IGS web page and contact Dr. Roberto Campo at  Within Global and International Studies, you may opt for the Latin American Studies Program

12 Some Recent Courses SPA 302 (Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers) is designed especially for students exposed to Spanish from a young age, either at home or in their communities. The course integrates a service learning component in which students have the opportunity to engage with the local Latino community of Greensboro through service, while enriching their language learning experience. Students learn more about their cultural heritage and develop an appreciation for the cultural and linguistic diversity of different Hispanic communities, both locally and around the world.

13 SPA 321 (Spanish in a Public School Setting) is a field experience in a public school setting that requires interaction with native speakers of Spanish. The focus of the course is in learning about social and cultural issues from within an academic context with the aim of preparing the students to take an active and efficient role in communicating with the Hispanic population in the public school setting. Students’ communication skills in Spanish receive intensive practice within the school environment. SPA 562 (Growing Up in Latin America: Narratives of Youth in Film and Culture) explores the various representations of youth and coming of age in Latin American Films, short stories, novels and poems. Students are introduced to key theoretical issues and debates concerning youth and politics, immigration, sexuality and the urban space, in addition to essential concepts in film studies.

14 Academic Clubs and Organizations  Spanish Club  Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honor Society)  Extra-curricular social activities: Café Olé  LLC Speaker Series open to undergraduate students

15 Careers of our Graduates  U.S. Government and Foreign Service positions.  Teaching in public and private middle and high schools; teaching at the college level (graduate studies required.  Other graduates pursue careers in translating, publishing, and businesses with international interests.  Many graduates combine their interest in Spanish with training in another major or minor (Social Work, Psychology, Biology, English, TESOL…).  Graduates from our programs have successfully completed graduate programs in Spanish at institutions such as Yale University, the Pennsylvania State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The University of Virginia, and Vanderbilt University.  Our graduates receive competitive grants and fellowships upon graduation, including the Fulbright Teaching Fellowship and the Spanish Ministry of Culture Fellowship.

16 For additional information contact Dr. Carmen T. Sotomayor 2318 MHRA

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