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Rebecca Lavery, Head of the Advanced Higher Hub

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1 Rebecca Lavery, Head of the Advanced Higher Hub
Chloe Watson, Castlemilk High Greg Stewart, Smithycroft Secondary Wendy Onabule, Springburn Academy Ross Bradley, Rosshall Academy

2 Universities Scotland
“The approaches to learning and teaching and the skills emphasised in CfE are, in many respects, bringing schools in line with those already in place or being developed within universities, and this may signal opportunities to extend collaborative activity.” (p. 13) Beyond the Senior Phase: University Engagement with Curriculum for Excellence Universities Scotland, May 2012.

3 GCU’s commitment to the common good
GCU Recruitment and Outreach Department (UK ROD) undertakes the following initiatives with schools: The Routes for All programme working in fifteen Glasgow schools and GCU’s contribution to Focus West. The award winning Caledonian Club working in five Glasgow communities. The Schools and Colleges Engagement and Transition Team (SCETT) working in six Glasgow Secondary schools and all Scottish Colleges. UK Student Recruitment Department works across Scottish schools and UK wide schools at UCAS, Parents’ Evenings and Careers events. The Advanced Higher Hub working with partner schools

4 Why the Hub was created Gathered data on exam results from 357 S6 pupils across 11 secondary schools, 2012 91 A grades and no progression to Advanced Higher available 160 B grades, again with no progression to Advanced Higher For a variety of reasons, schools unable to offer a full range of Advanced Highers Pupils studying Advanced Highers often sitting in bi-level/tri-level classes

5 Our Partners Scottish Funding Council- Regional Coherence Fund Bid, Dec 2012 Glasgow City Council and school partners, May 2013 onwards

6 The Advanced Higher Hub aims to:
Create greater partnership working between schools, colleges and universities as underpinned by CfE Stimulate demand for Advanced Highers in targeted Glasgow schools Supplement and complement Advanced Highers on offer across the city Provide pupils with the opportunity to follow a natural progression, with potential for 2nd year entry

7 The Hub in GCU 19 partner schools 100 young people 132 SQA presentations Located on GCU campus Seven subjects at Advanced Higher level Pupils are enrolled as Associate Students of GCU and have access to all GCU facilities

8 Advanced Highers offered at the Hub
English Maths Biology Chemistry History Modern Studies Business Management

9 The Hub timetable Each subject has two dedicated teaching blocks per week: Morning session: 9 am pm Twilight session: 4 pm pm giving the recommended six hours study/teaching per week. Transport costs are met by SFC with contribution from Glasgow City Council.

10 Advanced Higher Hub Structures
Support for Pupils Attendance Monitoring Monitoring and Tracking Pupil Progress Assessment and Reporting Quality Assurance SQA arrangements

11 What Next: Year Two Plans
Participate in schools’ Options Events now Offer the Scottish Baccalaureate Become a SQA Centre Mapping exercise with college and university partners - SCQF Level 7

12 Thank you

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