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The Effect of Exercise on Memory Retention Researched by Heather Raya.

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1 The Effect of Exercise on Memory Retention Researched by Heather Raya

2 In this experiment, a thirty minute exercise routine and a 3x4 memory card game were used to explore the effect of exercise on memory retention by teenagers ages fourteen to fifteen years old. Seven subjects were tested and were tested twice each. In each trial, they were given a set of memory cards in which they flipped over and memorized in a time limit of thirty seconds or less. The control stayed seated. After thirty minutes, all seven participants were given the same memory cards facedown and their ability to remember the correct placement of each pair was tested.

3 Review of Literature  Hippocampus BDNF -Brain derived neurotrophic factors -Protein= Huge role in memory function  Cerebral cortex -Region of the brain responsible for thought. - Humans + Regular exercise = An increase in the number of tiny blood vessels that bring oxygen-rich blood to this region of the brain.  It is possible in this experiment that humans with exercise have the potential to test superior to non- exercisers in a memory retention test or memory card game!

4 Does exercise effect memory retention? Exercise in humans can have a positive impact on memory retention. If a person plays a memory game until he/she remembers the placement of each card, and after, goes through a thirty minute exercise routine, then that person will retain the information (location of each card) longer than one without an exercise routine. Question Problem Hypothesis

5 Experimental Design Control: Participant that does not engage in thirty minutes of physical exercise. Independent: The thirty minutes of physical activity participants engage in directly after the memory game. Dependent: Total number of pairs (of memory cards) able to be remembered. Constant: Participants, experimental location, and placement of the memory cards. Materials: 1. Stop Watch 2. Area for all subjects to sit. 3. Memory Cards (10 sets) 4. Camera 5. Clip board 6. Exercise equipment

6 Procedure and Set Up

7 Continued!


9 Data Analysis

10  Those with exercise proved to average 50% more correct pairs than the control subject was capable of recognizing. These findings demonstrate that physical exercise can be associated with enhanced retention of information by active teenagers ages fourteen to fifteen.  In the future, test with more exercise and one gender at a time.

11  Herbert, Jane, Gross, Julien, & Hayne, Harlene. (2007). Crawling is associated with more flexible memory retrieval by9-month-old infants. Retrieved from &site=ehost-live">Crawling is Associated with More Flexible MemoryRetrieval by 9-Month-Old Infants  President and Fellows of Harvard College, Initials. (2006). Minding your mind: 12 ways to keep your brain young with proper care and feeding. 2. Get physical exercise, Retrieved from ket=ref&o=&rlt=1&n=10&l=d&searchTerm=2NTA&index=BA&basicSearchOptio n=FT&c=37&tcit=1_1_1_1_1_1&docNum=A169327671&locID=klnb_shawneemk &secondary=false&t=RK&s=1&SU=physical+exercise doi: A169327671  Langone, Francesco. (2009). Effects of voluntary running on spatial memory and mature brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression in mice hippocampus after status epileptics.(report). Retrieved from &bucket=per&o=&rlt=2&n=10&searchTerm=2NTA&l=d&index=BA&basicSearc hOption=FT&c=3&tcit=111111&docNum=A203417940&locID=klnbshawneemk &secondary=false&t=KW&s=1&SU=physical+exercise doi: A203417940  Lupu, Alexandra. (2006, August 14). Physical activity also exercises the brain. Retrieved from Exercises-the-Brain-32791.shtml Exercises-the-Brain-32791.shtml  Bio-Medicine, Initials. (2005, December 12). Boost of memory can be achieved through physical activity. Retrieved from Physical-Activity-6432-1 Physical-Activity-6432-1

12 Acknowledgements  Big THANK YOU to my brother and mom who helped with transportation and exercise equipment. (:

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