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2 1. Our athletes will be intense competitors on the field or court, but off the competitive area they are to conduct themselves as gentlemen or ladies at all times and always show respect for teachers and other students. 2. Our athletes are to display positive leadership at all times in our school and community. 3. Our athletes are to always strive for the highest in moral values. 4. When we travel to compete against our rivals, our athletes will remember who they are, whom they are representing and will conduct themselves accordingly. 5. As athletes, they have the opportunity in the Ft Elliott Independent School District to receive a first-class education, which is their number one reason for being here. Pride in the classroom will bring about pride on the playing field or court. They have to pass in the classroom to be eligible for athletics (UIL). Cougar Philosophy

3 Player’s Equipment 1. All athletes will be issued equipment. They are responsible for the equipment and must pay for it if it is lost. 2.Athletes must wear the workout clothes assigned to them; they may not borrow, lend, or wear clothes that have not been issued to them. 3. Laundry will be provided for all school issued clothing. Athletes must attach clothes to the laundry pin and place them in the laundry basket. 4. School issued clothes must be worn at all practices even if the athlete is excused from participation. 5. Lockers are for storing that individual’s equipment. Personal supplies may be kept in the upper section while the lower section must be reserved for school issued equipment to be hung.

4 General Rules 1.Jewelry may not be worn at any time during practice, athletic period, or games. 2.Earrings are not to be worn by male athletes at athletic activities. 3.Hair will be kept neat and clean. Each coach will determine the length and proper wearing. 4.Athletes may be required by the coach/coaches to participate in an off-season program prior to the sport, which they are competing in.

5 Smoking, Tobacco and Alcohol 1.Use or possession of tobacco products in season will be prohibited. 2.Failure to comply will be as follows: a.First offense- Five days of running. (coaches discretion) b.Second offense- Fifteen days of running. (coaches discretion) c.Third offense – Suspended a calendar year from such date.

6 Illegal Drugs 1. The consumption or possession of an illegal drug or drug paraphernalia is prohibited. 2. Failure to comply will be as followed: a.Automatic suspension for one full calendar year (actions will be monitored by the coach) b.Athletes will not be allowed back in sports unless they have obtained quality help.

7 Ejection from Game 1.Ejection from a game for fighting or foul language is unacceptable. 2.The result of an ejection will be as follows: a.First offense - suspension for next game and five days of running (coaches discretion). b.Second offense - suspension for two games and fifteen days of running (coaches discretion).

8 Stealing/Arrests 1.Stealing from teammates, our school, or visiting schools will not be tolerated. 2.Failure to comply will be as follows: a.First offense—one game suspension and five of running days. (coaches discretion) b.Second offense—two game suspension and fifteen days of running. (coaches discretion) c.Third offense-one full calendar year of such date. Any athlete who is convicted of a felony may be suspended for a minimum of one calendar year or more of such date

9 QUITTING/RE-ENTRY 1.A student cannot quit a sport without the coach’s permission. 2.A student who quits a sport without the coach’s permission will not be allowed to participate in any other sport until that sport is over. 3.A student will see the AD for his/ her re-entry program

10 NCAA GUIDELINES FOR COLLEGE BOUND STUDENT-ATHLETES Student-athletes and their parents should contact the Ft Elliott High School counseling department to obtain information about the guidelines for eligibility requirements in order to receive an NCAA scholarship or NCAA eligibility during the first year.

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